Short sign of Ethereum: the sign that rises when ETH precipitates and precipitates when ETH rises


The cryptographic market is constantly maturing, expanding the possibilities for investors. Good news for the growth of crypto-verses because more options are there, plus people can consider them an interesting investment option.

dYdX logo

Within the group of initiatives that have dared to take a step forward in the creation of new market strategies, one of which is noteworthy is dYdX. For those who have some knowledge of mathematics, the name of this startup derives from the concept of derivatives, an intelligent choice by the team, since they focus on the trading of financial derivatives.

One of the points that make dYdX stand out is that they offer a business option that is unusual for the markets so far. The team behind this platform has created a token whose variation is inversely proportional to that of Ethereum.

Short Ethereum Token: diversifying risks with new investment options

As explained by Tech Crunch, the idea of ​​the token is risk diversification, allowing traders to shorten the token by making profits if they correctly predict a bearish trend in Ether (ETH) prices:

"The idea is to buy the Ethereum short token with ETH or a stable currency from an exchange or dYdX.The short price of the Ethereum token is inversely anchored to the 39; ETH, therefore, increases in value when ETH drops and vice versa.You can then sell the short Ethereum token to make a profit if you correctly expect a fall in ETH prices. "

Mr. Antonio Juliano, CEO of dYdX, comments that in addition to being a speculative tool, the company expects to be able to offer financial products of proven quality and solidity:

"We believe it is more than just a short-circuit of your favorite shitcoin We think of them as mature financial products. "

dYdX allows traders to perform derivative operations under the security of a decentralized platform based on the 0x protocol. This is a crucial difference compared to other options that require traders to deposit funds under the control of third parties, exposing their money to hacking or uncontrolled errors.

Mr. Juliano commented that he was confident not only in the success of the Short Ethereum Token offering, but also in the dYdX platform in general:

"We plan to gain value at the protocol level in the future probably through a token that adds value … It would have been easy for us to rush to add a questionable token as we have seen in many other protocols, however, we believe it is worth reflecting deeply on how best to integrate a token into our ecosystem in a way that creates rather than destroys the value for end users. "

dYdX: A serious business with a lot of potential

Likewise, the startup has raised great expectations in several companies that have been involved in its funding rounds. Polandino member Olaf Carlson-Wee said

"Antonio and his team are among the best engineers in the crypto ecosystem that builds a new software system for peer-to-peer financial contracts. this will be immensely valuable and used by millions of people … I do not care about short-term revenue models, but rather the opportunity to permanently improve global financial markets. "

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