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Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) is pleased to announce that Sharelogis Trade Services China Ltd., the leading Chinese supplier of logistics services and supply chain solutions, has joined the Alliance. Joining BiTA extends Sharelogis opportunities to be at the forefront of blockchain technology standards.

The new and improved technology continues to rapidly bring changes in the transport and logistics markets. In May 2017, Deloitte predicted that 10% of global GDP would be built on the basis of blockchain applications. For logistics and transportation, technology could have an even greater impact, promising to revolutionize this global strategic sector for $ 8 trillion.

Blockchain is a distributed register technology that provides consent, provenance, purpose and immutability of commercial transactions and digital assets. These features allow participants in a blockchain ecosystem to benefit from increased confidence, increased transparency and reduced friction.

"Working within the Alliance will give Sharelogis opportunities to collaborate with other BiTA members in Asia and around the world to co-create value that will directly improve opportunities for our customers through continuous technological innovation ", said Steven Du, President and CEO of Sharelogis. "In the next decade, the blockchain will change the way many of our customers and their industries perform Sharelogis is looking forward to being involved in BiTA."

Soeren Duvier, Managing Director in Asia for BiTA, said: " China is, of course, a huge market: Blockchain has the potential to be as important to the Chinese economy as it is for the rest of the world.We welcome Sharelogis as a member of the BiTA and look forward to its contributions to the BiTA community. "

About Sharelogis
Sharelogis Trade Services was founded in China at the start of this year as a Class A shipping company and currently has 30 offices in China and 200 agents worldwide. The company offers goods management services (air, maritime, road, railway and breakbulk), customs management, insurance, commercial services (import / export), logistics, trade fairs / events (expeditions of exhibitions) and express courier.

About BiTA
BiTA provides a platform for the development of blockchain standards, its marketing and education for those in the fields of freight, transport and logistics, as well as those affected by those industries. Founded in August 2017 by technology and transportation experts, BiTA has become the largest commercial blockchain alliance in the world, with 450 members generating collectively over 1 trillion dollars in revenue each year.
With interest in fast-growing blockchain technology, there are an increasing number of pilot projects related to developing blockchains worldwide. The Alliance has offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Singapore. For more information, visit BiTA at www: /.

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