Semi Platform Crowdfund Cryptocurrency Benefits Privacy of survivors of sexual assault

Semi Platform Crowdfund Cryptocurrency Benefits Privacy of survivors of sexual assault

Cryptocurrency has searched for use cases since it was created. Everything, from pizza to taxi, is starting to make it possible to accept these payments. In a new report on CoinDesk, it seems that cryptocurrency has also been involved in the #MeToo movement with the use of Seeds.

Seeds is a payment processor powered by cryptocurrency, and has recently been used by a survivor of sexual violence who found himself unable to go to work after the event. Through the use of Seeds, it managed to collect $ 500 in a few weeks in September.

The biggest advantage in using Seeds for this situation is mainly privacy. On Kickstarter and GoFundMe, you need to prove your identity with an identity document issued by the government, along with a bank account. Essentially, she would have to reveal her identity, which could expose her story to people who work with her or who associate with her, which defeats the purpose of anonymous crowdfunding.

The survivor, who had never used the cryptocurrency before, had only to reveal himself to the CEO – Rachel Cook. She was then able to publish a "Request for help" with 30 different applications integrated with Seeds, such as the Aura meditation app. From there, the participants had the opportunity to donate to their needs with a credit card. In a typical agreement, Seeds takes 10% for the fee for listing, while app developers also take a cut. However, Cook decided to give up taxes, considering the situation. This was the fastest crowdfunding effort since the opportunity was created 13 months ago.

Cook said: "I met this woman in person, coincidentally, and we started talking about the #MeToo movement." He explained that women and men who experience violence at work often shut up because of fear or repercussions or fear of losing their income. Continuing, Cook said, "Survivors find it difficult to get permission to ask for money." The next logical extension I saw in this [#metoo] it was necessary to talk about how this economic [crypto] system can satisfy this need. "

In the future, Cook, who is also a survivor of sexual assault, wants to make anonymous requests more available for this type of legal or mental health costs. Speaking with CoinDesk, he said: "We need to let people know that this is available and that people can use it without feeling uncomfortable … We want to fill this gap."

This is just one of the ways in which cryptocurrency is transformed into a way to help women who have survived such an intimate trauma in their lives. In Argentina, there is at least one survivor who uses Bitcoin with the help of Roya Mahboob to get a divorce.

An anonymous model of North American webcam has entrusted his experience to CoinDesk, although it has full access to its private keys to make the process simpler and more anonymous. She said. "Crypto has certainly provided me with the tools to overcome the obstacles, I want women to have the feeling that the crypt can help them to strengthen them thanks to the accessibility of them."

A developer, who is a survivor of domestic abuse, is currently trying to create a money management suite that involves multiple decentralized applications to help with stability. He told CoinDesk: "Being financially stable was the main reason why I was able to leave [the abusive husband]. Survivors, like other disadvantaged people, do not have vehicles for building wealth. "He stressed that there is often financial abuse involved in a violent partner, controlling how much a victim can be involved with their combined resources. ,

"The main reason why women remain in abusive relationships is because they depend on their partners".

Going forward, Cook is allowing survivors to cash their tokens into fiat currency without personal data being required. As you say, "We are reaching a lot of people who do not think of themselves as crypto-savvy." So far, there have been about a dozen requests for help, but there is only one related to the trauma.

Cook added: "Crypto allows us to create systems that transcend broken, centralized power structures, and that's what we need the most."

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