SEAT joins Alastria for the development of solutions based on blockchain technology


SEAT, a member of the Volkswagen Group, has joined Alastria, the first multisectoral semi-public consortium that aims to provide a digital cooperation site in an independent and neutral network in which products and services based on blockchain technology are developed. SEAT is the first automaker to join this network of over 70 major companies and institutions.

The Alastria consortium, announced in 2017, is open to any organization wishing to have at its disposal a fundamental tool for the development of its Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) strategy with the aim of distributing and organizing products and services for the Spanish market.

The Alastria network will provide a shared platform on which the various participants, and in particular large companies, will be able to create digital representations of the assets with which they work in their normal economic activity (tokens). With these tokens you can develop innovative new products and cutting services, as well as being able to develop faster, safer and more efficient current processes. In this way, the network accelerates the digital transformation of current processes and allows a new paradigm of collaborative and multisectoral innovation.

With this new move, SEAT intends to further test and promote the development of blockchain technology and encourage synergies with other participating companies.


Blockchain technology has existed since 2009 and represents an evolution compared to current online communications. The easy accessibility of information, which is increasingly instantaneous, sometimes leads to unreliable data, a decrease in security and an insufficient verification of those involved in the communication processes with external suppliers. In this sense, the goal of this technology is to transform industries by generating an exchange of goods and services without the need to include third parties, and thus improve procedural security.

We are convinced of the importance that blockchain technology will have in the future, and for this reason we want to be involved from the beginning.

-SEDE President Luca de Meo

SEAT intends to allow different business divisions to have a first contact with the blockchain technology and to know the possible benefits that this knowledge can bring to different sectors.

Specifically, production will be the first department to strengthen the development of this technology, with the main objective of studying the potential progress of Industry 4.0. Another area in which SEAT wants to put blockchain solutions at work is finance, starting with testing new initiatives to improve standard procedures.

SEAT is already working in collaboration with Telefónica on a blockchain-based proof of concept to improve the traceability of parts in the Martorell factory supply chain.

As the most investing company in R & D in Spain, SEAT is adapting its processes to the ongoing digital transformation of the automotive industry. The company is developing and implementing digital solutions aimed at producing cars that will enable them to be more efficient, flexible, agile and digital.

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