Saudi Sport Frequencies Saudi Sport New frequencies 2019 on all satellites


We are monitoring you now Saudi sport channel frequency on all satellites, The new Saudi channel in the Arab world, to watch all the matches in the Arab world and the first launch of the channel on the first of March, the channel follows the management of the General Authority for sport in Saudi Arabia under the auspices of Turk Al-Sheikh in the Kingdom, It does not just display Saudi content, but closely follows all the matches in the Arab world and international sports.

It actually started Saudi sports channel Starting Thursday, March 1, 2018, until the last matches of the Saudi Premier League will be broadcast with the distinguished MBC Sport Pro group, and is expected to enjoy a high view due to the many fans of the round.

Saudi KSA showcases the new channel frequency on all satellites to transfer the latest games

The channel will include a large group of eminent athletes and senior athletes, not only in Saudi Arabia but also in all Arab countries. The most eminent analysts are Sultan Al-Barqan, Yousef Al-Thunayan, Mohammed Nour, Fouad Anwar, Abdul Waked, Musa Al-Mohyani, Khad Badra, Tariq Al Tayeb, Amer Abdullah, Medhat Chalabi and a host of senior sports analysts in the Arab world.

Find out now .. "The frequency of the league league channels plus dawri plus"He said.

The new frequency of Saudi Arabia's sports channels on all satellites in all countries

The following table shows all the frequencies of the new Saudi channel, which is working to transfer all the important games of the Saudi league and the Saudi team, on the satellite Arabsat and Nilesat, and if there will be new frequencies on other satellites we will add immediately.

The moon frequency Coding speed polar
Nilesat 12149 27500 H
Arabic Sat 11230 27500 H

Frequency of the channel

The following table shows the new frequency of the Dori Plus 2019 group channels, which is programmed to transmit and display the matches of the Saudi league.

frequency Encoding factor Coding polarization
12149 3/4 27500 horizontal

Through these tables all new frequencies have been clarified, which can receive all the channels that try to show the most important and most recent games in the Arab world on all satellites and Arab countries.

Frequency of Saudi sporting channels on all the satellites of the Arab world

It is worth noting that the channel was named "KSA SPORTS" to be the abbreviation for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the first transmission of the channel, the latest electronic games will be transferred to the General Authority for the sport, to be held on Thursday, March 1st, Ksa Saudi Sport, ksa sports channel.

Table of frequencies of the first and second Saudi sporting channels

The following frequencies show all the correct frequencies to receive Saudi sports channels in first and second on different satellites.

frequency polarization Encoding factor Coefficient of correction of the error
12248 Vertical or vertical 27500 3/4

Saudi sporting frequency on Badr 6:

frequency polarization Coding speed correction
11 976 vertical 27500 5/6

On the other hand, Turki Al-Sheikh announced that the new Saudi sports channel will transfer all the exclusive games in collaboration with MBC Pro, which is eager to transfer all that is exclusive in the world of the round-the-clock , The channel will be under the supervision of the General Authority for Sport, and channel management has indicated that it is through the official website of the Twitter site, and from the comments below, please contact us to clarify any questions regarding the frequency of the sports channel. Saudi Arabia.

Commentators of the Saudi sports channel

Saudi sports channels are strong schools that have managed to get the best commentators in the Arab world: many of these commentators are Abdullah Al Harbi, Amer Abdullah, Ali Saeed Al Kaabi, Jafar Al Salih and Medhat Shalabi.

We will continue to monitor the frequencies of the new Saudi sports channel on all satellites in order to get the latest games for all football fans, and if the frequency change we will announce it immediately, if the frequency changes and we announce the new frequencies follow us through this article.

The president of the sports authority in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, "Turki Al-Sheikh" has announced the approval of the Crown Prince "Mohammed bin Salman" to transfer all the matches of the Saudi professional league on the channel channels saudi sports ksa and games are offered for free, but there are special packages can be obtained through its STC sponsor (STC).

The channel continually uses high-quality technologies with the use of high-quality HD technologies and the continuous display of analytical programs and studies, as well as the most important games and a large group of sports analysts in the Arab world, as well as a continuous follow-up to view all Sports content on all satellites constantly.

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