SatoshiDice-Inspired Coindroid Cryptocurrency Skill Game Litecoin (LTC) as the best option

SatoshiDice-Inspired Coindroid Cryptocurrency Skill Game Litecoin (LTC) as the best option

Blockchain technology has been able to make significant changes to the industry and every digital resource has been poised to make its mark all over the world. With all this happening, Litecoin was not left behind as it tried to find ways to expand its reach and all this proved to be fruitful as the currency was able to get a huge take-up.

The last big move that happened around the coin is that it's used as an integral part of Coindroid's new game. It was created as a crypto game, which was able to arouse many delusions in the cryptography industry due to the creativity with which it was supported, as well as the adoption of different coins within the game , like Litecoin, Bitcoin and also Dogecoin.

More on The Coindroid Game

Josh, who is the creative creator of the Coindroid game, went on to say that a Bitcoin game called SatoshiDice inspired him. And from here it's when he decided to move on and develop a similar game. But what he did differently is that he brought the whole concept of the SatoshiDice game to a whole new level and made it more of a skill-based game.

He goes on to say that they have carried out intensive research on cryptographic coins on the market, in order to get the best they could to adapt the ideas they had. Therefore, for the company, Litecoin seemed to be a natural choice for them. Since the currency has a quick lock time, staggering taxes, then it made sense for the company to include the currency in their game.

During the transaction on the game it would be about 13-14 cents, but if they had used Bitcoin, they did not think the taxes made sense to their users. However, with 10-minute blocks it could end up being a bit slow for their long-term play.

He helped Litecoin with the necessary Litecoin

Litecoin was able to obtain the requested transaction, as it is also used as a payment method in several restaurants within the United States. This also includes a place called Sendai Sushi, a place that also accepts Litecoin as a payment method.

Zulu went ahead to launch a new project called Lite.IM, a platform that will allow you to make easy SMS payments. With the new project in place, this means that Litecoin transactions can be easily performed via Facebook Messenger. With this integration, it will easily allow access to cryptographic coins to 2 billion Facebook users worldwide.

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