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Saraya Post / 2 billion pounds for the Renaissance Party .. What do the British secret services do in Tunisia?

The Tunisian movement of the Renaissance, the political arm of the Brotherhood in Tunisia, celebrated last week its victory in the municipal elections, including the Tunisian sheikh, whose candidate Suad Abdel Rahman won. It would seem a normal news spread in most of the Tunisian media. The British Guardian newspaper, more or less at the same time, a report on the role played by the "hidden devices" and the British civil society organizations, to alleviate the young Tunisian's anger and the dissatisfaction of the failure of the government coalition, shared by Muslim Brotherhood, not to leave the municipal elections beyond the limits of the Aasiyah Interior game between the party and the Renaissance Tunis Appeal.

A secret fund to recruit civil society organizations to silence the voices of the opposition

The report, published by the Guardian, was a shock to the Al-Nahda party led by Rashid Ghannouchi and the government of President Yusuf Al-Shahed, the report was revealed by a report that revealed a semi-secret fund not known to the House of the British municipalities. Involve young people and women in programs aimed at countering the voices of dissent that have constantly accused the Brotherhood and the government of not having implemented economic reform and employment programs, as well as accusing the two parties of the Renaissance and the call to Tunisia for complicity and silence on transitional reform and democracy programs.

A suspicious relationship with the occupation

Before going into details, we must remember the historical depth of the suspicious relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and British intelligence that began with the emergence of the group and documented by Mark Kurtz in his book "Secret Relations" published in the 2010, which revealed its ties with strong ties with the British during their occupation in Egypt.

The English writer has examined a series of secret British secret documents revealing the secrets of the financing of British intelligence to the Muslim Brotherhood in order to thwart all national and national projects in the Arab region.

The British ambassador to Tunisia denies intervention in people's choices

The Guardian report, the adoption of the Ministry of Development and Foreign Affairs – responsible for foreign intelligence – is a secret for Saatchi M & C SaatchiIn order to improve public awareness of the role of the governing coalition in the planning and implementation of economic reforms, as documented by targeting the British agencies' campaign through the Security and Stability Fund CSSF, Young Tunisians between 18 and 35, because they launched protests against the Renaissance parties and the appeal of Tunisia and accused them of bankruptcy.

The Guardian report, the British ambassador Luisa de Souza, forced the recognition of the accuracy and precision of what was said and approved this year with the Tunisian government, with the aim of assisting only the coalition of government, without interfering with the choices of the Tunisian people.

The slogans of the Brotherhood correspond to the slogans of the British organizations

In the municipal elections, the Al-Nahda party won a large number of municipalities, including Tunis, but the electoral slogans raised by Nahdha party representatives in the elections, including Souad Abdel Rahman, who led the Tunis municipality, were notable. . In addition to the gender equality adopted by the Renaissance Movement in the distribution of lists of candidates for elections, a new approach adopted by the brothers of Tunisia in the call, and focused during the months Some past slogans of equality, democracy and modernity and attention to young people and women.

The Tunisian brothers have recently focused on the relief programs they have adopted in a number of countries, such as Egypt, to break the poor social formations, which have resonated well with the fertile soil of the Tunisians and in the general absence of political interests. The Renaissance movement has good results in the elections and focuses on women and young people, the same approach sponsored by international donor organizations, including the British agency Saatchi, which turns out to act on behalf of the British Foreign Ministry in Inside the Tunisian civil society.

According to jeune afrique, Ennahda has signed a contract with a British company worth about 60 million Tunisian dinars in exchange for its next campaign in 2019.

Both sides of a coin .. Saatchi supports the Renaissance and sponsors Syrian terrorism

Numerous Tunisian and Syrian websites spread documents from the British archives confirming the role played by the organizations and agencies of Saatchi and Adam Smith International and Injury Global in financing terrorist organizations in the Syrian war, with the slogan "Empowering Civil Society", the same slogan used In funding campaigns in Tunisia to promote the coalition government that brings together the Brotherhood and the Tunisian Appeal Party.

Tunisian relations: the Renaissance Party sponsors terrorism and Ghannouchi involved in murders

The reports published by the Syrian, Tunisian and Jordanian websites have taken concrete steps from the Tunisian Free Constitutional Party and have announced their intention to address international organizations with documents accusing the leaders of the Nahdha movement of supporting terrorism. The Commission is directed at international institutions and organizations to counter the attempts of the Tunisian brothers to cover The party also filed a complaint to the Constitutional Party against the Nahdha movement for the involvement of young people in the outbreaks of tension, with the testimony of Rashid Ghannouchi personally involved in this case. To a court charged with fighting terrorism.

It seems that there are great movements that have started to rise against the conspiracies of the Brotherhood in Tunisia and were planted by the Tunisian movement Nahdha and the Nahdha. Before the publication of the scandalous report, several weeks ago Rashid Ghannouchi filed a lawsuit against a satellite channel accusing him of orchestrating the assassination of leftist opposition Shukri Belaid in 2013. The report also included details confirming the involvement of Qatar in the murders of politicians in the Maghreb countries, in coordination with the President of the Renaissance Movement.

British hardware repeats Hassan Banna's game with Ghannouchi

The British authorities have played an influential role with the Muslim Brotherhood since its inception, as confirmed by Egyptian documents for many years, confirming the involvement of the group and its first founder Hassan al-Banna with British intelligence and receiving from their funding for many years. Tunisia, through the discovery of the role of British agencies in supporting the brothers of Tunisia, and the design of advertising campaigns to promote them again aimed at changing their image of social expansion and employment of civil society organizations and the role of the renaissance in the revaluation of the image of political Islam, changing priorities and slogans, The key to the mystery behind the reception of Rachid Ghannouchi by Britain after leaving Tunisia in 1989 after having escaped from trials with he accused of supporting terrorism, stayed there for 22 years, then returned to participate in the Tunisian government through the Renaissance Party following the fall of the former Tunisian president's government Zine El Abidine Ben Ali 2011 , the beginning of the so-called "Arab Spring", which was the cause of the destruction of the Arab countries, but Egypt, which was saved by God and protected by his army and his people.

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