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Sapphire Tech aims for Grin Cryptocurrency with the new Miner GPU

The Hong Kong graphics card maker, Sapphire Technology, is launching a new line of miners with a focus on privacy-driven "grin" cryptology.

Sapphire today announced the launch of its 16GB Blockchain HDMI RX 570 graphics card, saying it would be "the first of a new family" of products designed to dig grins and other cryptocurrencies. The product is not yet on sale, but will be available to order "soon".

According to the company, the new product is "one of the few solutions" designed for the Cuckatoo 31+ work-testing algorithm at the base of the network and, as such, states that it would lead to "greater profits per the miners in advance ".

Sapphire's global marketing vice president, Adrian Thompson, said the company was "excited" to launch new blockchain products, referring to both the RX 570 and potential future products.

"The launch of the 16GB RX 570 HDMI board is an exciting opportunity not only for SAPPHIRE, but for the first Grin Coin miners and for the cryptocurrency market as a whole," he continued. "Future products will include new 16GB graphics additions" to the SAPPHIRE line of dedicated INCA and MGI blockchain systems. "

Grin, based on mimablewimble privacy technology, was released last week after two years of development. The cryptocurrency has seen the greatest interest of cypherpunks and investment companies alike, apparently due to its similarity to bitcoin while still being compatible with GPU miner.

It is the second of two cryptocurrencies launched on mimblewimble, with its counterpart, beam, which is live at the beginning of this month.

Image of generic graphics cards via Shutterstock; product image and specifications using Sapphire technology

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