Safe Cryptocurrency Mining as A Service?


Cryptocurrency mining plays an important role in the functioning of blockchain networks. Mining is not just a way to earn money, but miners solve critical mathematical problems, approve other people's transactions within the network, and open new blocks. In addition, mining helps protect blockchain from hacker attacks and fraud, while at the same time ensuring that the system is decentralized. MinedBlock now allows investors to capitalize on resources from large-scale encryption without having to purchase, install and maintain expensive mining equipment.

About MinedBlock

MinedBlock offers mining services as a product in which the company manages all the equipment and ensures that they work optimally throughout the day with low operating costs and high efficiency. This mining encryption company is able to provide this level of dedicated service, as it will launch a mining structure that emphasizes the extraction of the highest levels from market capitalization to ensure a wide range of income streams for the clients. Using this large-scale mining operation, MinedBlock will help improve the decentralization of altcoins and increase its decentralization through the international distribution of data centers.

What does MinedBlock propose?

A key principle that drives MinedBlock is to ensure that customers get the highest levels of transparency. Hence, the company will be completely open regarding their plans, revenue production and progress in the process of extraction. How dashboards and instant updates will be used to show the latest percentages of hashes on all cryptocurrencies that are extracted and expected revenue with the MBTX tokens. MinedBlock also commits to shaping its mining projects around customer feedback, which

MBTX token

The utility token, MBTX, will be sold during ICO to start the MinedBlock service. This token will act as a key to access and pay for MinedBlock services. However, the team did not want them to offer guarantees or promises about the future price potential of this non-mintable ERC-20 token.

Mining strategy

MinedBlock will constantly track mining activities and will change between altcoin when the success rate and difficulty fluctuate. The ultimate goal will be to maintain maximum efficiency during their operations to increase profits and minimize waste of resources. The company will also determine whether the use of existing mining pools or the fact of relying on their own hash rate will produce the best result.

As for hardware, Mineblock will distribute a mix of custom GPU mining units together with ASIC platforms. All mining hardware will be replaced and resold frequently during the use of different ASIC vendors to avoid any centralization and also to improve customer diversity.

For localization, climate and electricity costs are primary considerations alongside the political reception of the host country. The first mining company will use the ASIC BCH and bitcoin mining units and will be housed in an Icelandic plant where electricity and climate costs are beneficial. Meanwhile, GPU platforms will initially be installed in the UK, before being transported to plants in Canada, Sweden or Iceland.

ICO details

  • Token: MBTX
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total token bid: 400 million
  • Currencies accepted: BCH, LTC, USD, ETH and BTC
  • Minimum investment: $ 300

Token distribution

  • Referral recognition: 1.5 million
  • Free airdrops: 5 million
  • Tokens maintained for future corporate incentives: 13.5 million
  • Founders: 15 million
  • Public sale: 365 million

Distribution of ICO financing

  • Mining equipment; 80%
  • Data center configuration: 10%
  • Reserve: 10%

Revenue distribution

  • Distributed to MBTX holders: 75%
  • Expansion costs: 10%
  • Operational expenditure: 10%
  • Repurchase of MBTX: 5%

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