S Macrogen of Korea to exploit Blockchain for genomic data


Macrogen, a South Korean biotech player, works with Big Data to create a blockchain platform for genomic data.


Macrogen, one of South Korea's leading biotechnology solutions for gene sequencing On Monday, a collaboration with Big Data launched Bigcha's use of blockchain for a medical platform that it would help the parties to safely store and exchange genetic data and other types of information.

Macrogen and Bigster aim to develop the platform by June 2019. The two companies will follow in the footsteps of Nebula Genomics, LunaDNA and other entities that are currently exploiting distributed ledger technology (DLP) for DNA data storage solutions. .

Genomic data refer to information about a person's biological model, such as DNA or the genome. The storage and processing of data requires a high degree of security and privacy, which can be achieved with blockchain. In order to protect genomic data from hacks, security risks and privacy breaches, companies must implement cryptographic and non-cryptographic measures. Blockchain is known as one of the most secure and hack-resistant technologies. Furthermore, it allows parties to manage large amounts of data.

Macrogen plans to develop a platform that will manage a private blockchain, suggesting that participants will be entities such as pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, gene sequencing providers and research institutes. [19659004] Macrogen CEO Yang Kap-seok commented:

"Despite its usefulness, data on genes have been difficult to move due to privacy protection issues and technological obstacles. Immediate blockchain-based platform enables free circulation of medical genes and Big Data physicians.

In April, the biotech group acquired a license for CRISPR-Cas9 technology research tools from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, which would allow to progress in the research and development of genetic treatment.

In May, Shivom blockchain-oriented startup, collected $ 32 million in its first stage of crowdfunding, taking a step forward towards the construction of the its genomic data pool on DLT.

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