Roger Ver holds Bitcoin [BTC] Ethereum [ETH] and "More Bitcoin Cash [BCH] than anything else"


Roger Ver, CEO of and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] evangelist, spoke with CNBC about his investment in cryptocurrencies and the state of the Bitcoin blockchain [BTC]. He also talked about his initial investment in Bitcoin and its use cases.

He started by saying that the market was falling due to the fact that Bitcoin was not useable for trade in December of last year. During the price increase, transaction fees were $ 20, due to network congestion and the size of smaller blocks. Ver said that due to the increase in transaction fees, they became "slow and unreliable", causing the blockage of use by many who were using it for trading. He went on to say:

"Everyone else who was trying to use it for trading stopped and moved on to something else, which seems more likely to be Bitcoin Cash for most people. number of people. "

On the state of the currency, Ver admitted that this year had a poor performance in terms of price. In particular, Bitcoin Cash is worth less than 10% of the currency from which it was forged and is currently trading at a price of $ 550 from a maximum of $ 2,800 in January of this year. However, he stated:

"It's down a lot this year, but I remember when I bought my first Bitcoins at around a dollar and went up to $ 30 that summer in 2011 and then they went down until at $ 2. More than a 90% drop over the next year. "

However, the evangelist offered advice on investing in consumers. He offered an analogy to play hockey and also talked about investing in Bitcoin Cash. He said he offered the safest financial position in the future. He said:

"In the investing or in the hockey you do not skate where the disc is currently skating where it will be in the future.It is very clear that at today all adoptions in traders and in all kinds of activities are based on Bitcoin Cash, so for the future I think Bitcoin Cash is the best investment point of view. "

Continued Let's say that investors should diversify their portfolios, stating that they do not have recommended to anyone to put all their investments in a cryptocurrency. He also talked about the composition of his cryptocurrency portfolio, saying:

"I hold more Bitcoin Cash than anything else, but I have a little bit of Aether I have a few Z Cash, some Z Coin, some Monero, some Dash – and even BTC so also a little bit of everything is a good idea.Of course, some Ripple and Stellar and you know how to make your choice diversify, diversify, diversify is the name of the game. "

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