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Op-Ed: Ripple (XRP) is a deceptive coin?

Ripple, has been in the news for so many reasons this year. The XRP digital currency has recently made waves to be now the preferred choice by the major global partners. For a currency, which started the year with a very poor note to change things, it should at least bring some joy and hope for its investors and potential for the future.

However, the recent buzz of Ripple has thrown its investors into another state of uncertainty, asking the question that, is the sudden rise of the digital currency, another adventure that will eventually prove hopeless as they have seen in the past.

The digital currency entered the market with a bang, and the currency in a short period has accumulated a fair number of investors. Its smoothness towards the top further confirms its concept of subsequent Bitcoin.

Things began to collapse as soon as the value of the currency began to collapse and very soon, investors who saw their assets reduced to nothing, found themselves stuck in every kind of currency perception. Some still believe that, Ripple XRP is a real cryptocurrency, a thought that has spread through its investors in those difficult times.

Many investors have doubted any currency that did not have the same traits and qualities as Bitcoin, as it is considered the father of all cryptocurrencies. XRP does not have the standard features of standard cryptocurrency and focuses a lot on making its blockchain as strong as it could be. Ripple is not extracted like Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, which is a big deal for many cryptic investors.

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The numbers of XRPs have further decreased after the revelations and circulating speculations about how the parent has the means to control the price of the currency because they decide on the quantity to be made available on the market.

For many investors, Ripple's fairytale journey had come to an end and was ready to cut losses and had moved since the coin's performance was nothing to write about. Fast forward; it seems that the XRP has again picked up some momentum and its growth for the future.

Ripple recently led the increase in the value of the encrypted market, after it had been inactive for months. This series of events has once again attracted the attention of the crypto investors on the digital currency after it became a bit of the forgotten hero for quite a while. of time.

Reports have recently suggested that Ripple's XRP is now the most attractive cryptocurrency for major global partners and has already partnered with some large financial companies in recent months.

Looking at the way things are forming around Ripple, there may just be a brighter future; Investors are convinced that the currency still carries them for a ride of joy, which will leave them in the middle of the journey.

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