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After the conclusion of the Swell 2018 conference and the growing excitement that revolved around xRapid, Ripple (XRP) managed to return to 0.52 US dollars. According to some experts and analysts, the depreciation of the price is seen as a concerted manipulation by the parent company, however, even after the recent increase, Ripple (XRP) still shows little chance of rising to 0.76 US dollars in the short term.

However, Ripple (XRP) is still at the top of the list of one of the most performing digital assets on the market in the last month, rising from lows of $ 0.30 and keeping parts of the gains. On the other hand, the digital currency was greeted with much skepticism, once again revising the debate about the fact that XRP is not critical to Ripple's payments network operations.

In the last 24 hours, Ripple (XRP) has gradually depreciated from about 0.56 US dollars to 0.52 US dollars, ending daily trading volumes at about 877 million US dollars. The digital asset is extremely active on one of the famous Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitbank, where there is more than $ 124 million trading, against the Japanese yen.

Currently, Ripple (XRP) is in third place in the list of the most significant virtual currencies for the Market Cap. At the time of writing, CoinMarketCap reports that Ripple (XRP) trades at about 0.519 US dollars (-2.27%) with a market capitalization of 20.7 billion US dollars.

According to Binance, today's peak for Ripple's default cryptocurrency, XRP, was 0.57107 US dollars, while the day's low was about 0.51 US dollars (XRP / USD pair). However, on the Binance platform, XRP's performance increased by 0.15 percent compared to last week. Currently, Binance is one of the leading cryptographic exchanges in the world that is helping XRP to replace Bitcoin to gain interest from Japanese traders and investors.

Ripple (XRP) virtual currency with the highest score on Binance

Ripple's XRP has been named the best virtual money to send and receive funds between user exchanges, thanks to the speed and cost of virtual currency transactions.

As you probably know, Ripple (XRP) can settle cross-border transactions in less than 4 seconds with commissions up to about 0.00001 XRP per transaction. Given that Ripple's default currency, XRP is a digital settlement and liquidity asset, it can be used for unrelated currency agreements such as commodities and legal currencies.

Ripple Binance XRP evaluation

The snapshot is taken from the official evaluation page of Binance's cryptocurrency.

The Binance ratings used the information after the exchange incorporated the XRP / USD pair on their platform.

Other digital currencies competing with Ripple (XRP) are similar to Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash and other cryptocurrencies.

On the ratings, Ethereum and Cardano managed to collect 4.5 stars out of 5 stars while Bitcoin received 4 out of 5. AdToken was the least voted currency with two stars out of five. AdToken is a virtual currency of the AdChain project that incorporates a sequence of interoperable open protocols based on the Ethereum public blockchain.

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Ripple's XRP is undeniably one of the most significant digital assets in the encrypted market today. Launched on 2ND February 2013, XRP has its total digital coin offering of around 100 billion coins with its outstanding offering which is believed to be over 39 billion coins.

As previously stated, XRP's market capitalization is just over $ 20 billion at the moment, with each currency trading at $ 0.519 US. Only Bitcoin and Ethereum beat Ripple in the race to be the most relevant cryptocurrency in the market and with its introduction into the Binance platform and its high ranking by users; only positive results can be expected.

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