Ripple XRP curriculum and cryptocurrency investor: what's the future Hodl?


The cryptocurrency market has taken a tough fall in the year 2018, Ripple has been hit harder none of them. Now the sphere of cryptocurrency is curious to know what's going on with XRP. It seems that investors are giving the keys to the proverbial cold shoulder, too scared to invest in crypto that is considered uncertain by some: the cryptocurrency market is volatile, everyone knows it, but what happens when it is seen as a great opportunity by all? Once it happens, the market will explode, along with the cryptocurrencies considered even better

Although some are afraid to invest with Ripple, the currency is still considered the fastest crypt for money transfer. Users of Ripple can exchange funds instantly without the problems found with Bitcoin or other scrambled.

Ripple's fast transaction time is the reason why Weiss evaluations argue it should be present on Binance. It makes sense, just as their request to see the currency skips the hassle of going through another currency.

Even so, cryptocurrency has been stuck in a rocky area. The market fell tens of billions in a few days. Even Bitcoin has not reached the historic highs as many investors expected at the start of this year. The ripple has significantly lowered; it has also been labeled as a false cryptocurrency by some. It's almost as if panic has spread to the cryptocurrency market and the crisis is hitting XRP harder. Ethereum also took it heavily, in a market run by people selling at the minimum. As for Ether, the sudden decline could be due to the fact that it was officially judged not protected by the SEC

 54% Massive Drop in XRP Sales Hits Ripple Hard

Labels tokens are one of the problems that infest the industry. As long as commissions decide on what kind of token each company sells, it will be difficult for Crypto to get a solid foundation. However, the great successes of Ripple believe that society has a solid road to success before it. Even the company's trust in the token is solid, which means the team is not stopping the rest of 2018. They are even looking at China for targeting purposes, considering the power of the market in the country one of the strongest.

Anyone investing in XRP should feel safe and secure; the currency is expanding from the American market. And although there are some ups and downs, Ripple is following a different approach than most other companies. It is hoped that their plan will help XRP recover some value before we reach the first quarter of 2019.

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