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Ripple Overview

Lately, Ripple has been booming, while other financial institutions have crossed to ripplenet. It is widely expected that a considerable number of banks will start using XRapid once it has been active in about a month. As XRapid's efficiency becomes clear to the financial sector, XRP could practically become the standard for cross-border payments.

Apple / Ripple Scenario

But outside the banking sector, which company would have a significant impact on the visibility and broader adoption of XRP in the financial markets? From a quick scan of the technological world, that company would not be none other than Apple. Apple and Ripple could play in different markets, but both are a common driving force. Both make complex technologies easier to use through innovation. In one of his speeches, Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, said this about the company's main mission.

"We believe we are on the face of the Earth to make great products, and this is not changing, we constantly focus on innovation, we believe in the simple, not the whole, we believe that it is necessary to own and control the primary technologies that are behind the products we make and only participate in markets where we can make a significant contribution. "

This is practically similar to what concerns the ripple. Ripple is taking advantage of blockchain technology to offer financial institutions a simple, frictionless way to send money around the world.

Clearly, these are two organizations that have many things in common and will greatly benefit from mutual collaboration. A collaboration between them would have unlocked immense value for both.

Possible implications

Apple is one of the most valuable brands in the world and is worth over a trillion dollars. As such, any kind of partnership between this and the ripple would see the profile of the ripple in the market rise immensely. The news on such a move would affect all media networks and investors would surely take note. The value of XRP (XRP) would increase significantly only on those news. In fact, it would accelerate more or less the adoption of XRapid by multiple financial institutions around the world.

For its part, Apple would benefit immensely from the cost efficiency that comes from XRapid. This is because ripple has perfected over the years what stands out as the best payment method for the financial sector. It's revolutionary and beats every tweak that current technology can apply to try and compete. According to Brad Garlinghouse, the current financial technology is simply obsolete. Here's what he has to say about it some time ago.

"Everything that happens underneath these services – on the stack – has not changed." Ripple's point of view is that to really unlock the innovation in the payment ecosystem, you have to start at the bottom down.If you can restore the track – the basic level – you can really unlock the innovation … "

Because Apple is a for-profit company and needs to offer big results to investors every quarter, this would certainly be a good deal for them.

XRapid Live

But even if the market is hoping for a similar partnership, things are looking for XRP investors, even without it. XRapid will be available in about a month and the banks are already taking note. The PNC bank, a bank with over 8 million customers, and operations throughout the United States have already announced that it will begin to use ripplenet. It joins a growing list of financial institutions like Santander that is already using the ripplenet services. As more banks understand the power of XRapid, it will be an interesting future for XRP investors. Could you hit a capital cap of a trillion dollars? Only time will tell, but the signs are there.

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