Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, BCH, EOS and LTC monetary assets of Blockforce Capital

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<h2>  REBEL Crypto Index Unveiled – A new Asset Class </h2>
<p style= Due to the fact that virtual currencies have lost an important part of their value and this situation has discouraged new indices and funds to be launched: in 2017 there were 156 new cryptographic fund launches, according to cryptofundresearch. in 2018, the number of encrypted fund launches will reach 165.

The market has seen single-asset cryptocurrency funds, which have started to appear on the market since 2013, but also multi-asset encryption funds. activities and exposure to new cryptocurrency activities

Multi-asset cryptography indices have emerged in 2018. For example, we can mention Grayscale's Digital Large Cap Fund, launched in early February, and the Coinbase Index Fund, launched in May.

C "Is a new co mpany that is about to launch a new index. Blockforce Capital (formerly Reality Shares), will launch a multi-asset cryptographic product known as REBEL Crypto Index .

The so-called Reality Shares REBEL index will be monitoring the performance of 6 different virtual currencies in the market . This allows investors to have a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies with the most interesting cryptographic proposals available.

The cryptocurrencies that the index REBEL will follow are XRP, Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS and Litecoin (LTC) . These cryptocurrencies have been carefully selected on the basis of various factors such as liquidity, availability, volume and market capitalization.

In addition, the index is currently weighted according to fluctuating market capitalization. This takes into account the changing nature of the asset class.

The company believes that the REBEL index can perform well for general market intelligence. In addition, they are working on several products to be launched based on the REBEL index.

Eric Ervin, President and CEO of Blockforce Capital, commented:

"An ETF based on the six major cryptocurrencies would be a logical next step: it would probably solve some of the SEC's recent criticisms of cryptocurrency ETFs. we want to stop here. "

He then explained that their intention is to create a new type of investment class that would be called Tokenized Exchange Traded Funds. Other companies such as Coinbase, Nasdaq and Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) are working to list offers of securitized tokens. This would allow investors to invest in a wide range of asset classes.

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