Ripple and Apple: how they can collaborate



In the world of cryptocurrencies, the right partnership can make the difference. If a large company develops an interest in a certain cryptocurrency, the price of that currency can skyrocket in a few hours. In addition, the amount of confidence in that currency will also increase, which will bring even greater attention

Such partnerships do not take place daily, and in months there are only a few really large ones. However, when they occur, both the currency and the company can reap great benefits. The partnership between Ripple and Apple is what the cryptic community has been waiting for a long time.

Ripple Problems (XRP) in 2018

Neither Ripple (XRP) nor Apple need an introduction at this point, as they are both well known in their respective fields. However, while both are big and famous, Ripple has had many difficulties in the last few months.

Money has been involved in numerous lawsuits, where it has faced accusations of being a security, a scam and even a centralized currency. Even some Ripple Labs workers have been involved in this kind of lawsuits. As if this were not enough, XRP is still a cryptocurrency and, as such, has had to suffer almost 9 months of constantly bearish market.

Like all cryptosides, it lost a lot of its value in January when the market crashed and since then the situation was slowly getting worse. Ripple is among the most reliable coins when it comes to banks and other financial institutions. This has played an important role in helping the currency maintain its reputation and remain the third largest cryptography.

Its many products, such as xRapid, have shown many potentials and even an ability to revolutionize the way we send payments. This is why banks value this currency so much. However, even if Ripple has worked with many banks, this is still not good enough to make the currency really go up. This is where Apple comes into play.

Ripple and Apple – The relationship between the two

In May, Apple released a new announcement, claiming to have integrated Ripple's Interledger Protocol. This is a suite of open protocols that is used to send payments on different registries. It basically works like an Internet router and allows you to make payments on independent networks.

For a problematic Ripple, this was a huge news, especially since Apple announced it will publish the update for both Mac and iOS. At the time, this also suggested that Apple could adopt cryptos as a valid payment method for Apple Pay.

Now, Apple has made another move to the advantage of Ripple, which is adding its XRP token to its stock market app. The new move allows Apple users to always be able to quickly check encryption prices and keep them updated.

In addition, Ripple is a form of money that received the largest number of trading pairs in the Apple stock market app. It is combined with USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, INR, JPY and even CNY and KRW. This is another great thing for Ripple, but also for cryptocurrencies in general, since Apple is showing interest in integrating them into its backup app.

Obviously, this was very exciting for the entire Ripple community, especially after another previous market drop this month. Now, with the new development, Ripple's price should recover, which is already starting to happen. The currency has registered an increase of 3.05% in the last 24 hours and its current price is $ 0.278934.

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