Rich Dad Poor Papa Bullish on Bitcoin, calls Fiat & # 39; Scam & # 39;


Bitcoin (BTC) – Despite the negative evaluation of the cryptomarkets, Bitcoin continues to find supporters of various sectors of society. Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best book financial book Rich Dad, Poor Dad was released in a recent podcast with a strong support for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, as well as describing the US dollar as "scam" and saying that the fiat would not fail to survive the crypt and the re-emergence of precious metals

Echoing other feelings such as Peter Schiff, Kiyosaki declared who believes that the American economy and the traditional financial system preached on Wall Street it is heading towards a huge crash, which eclipses 2008 in terms of financial losses and damage to investors,

"Unfortunately we had a big crash in 2000, they called it the dotcom crash, then in 2008 it was the crash Subprime real estate, the next will be the greatest of all, when it arrives I do not know, but the foreshock are ringing right now. "

In addition, the author of personal finances has expressed harsh criticism of the fiat and other forms of money controlled by the government, in particular of having committed an error in a discussion so often imposed on Bitcoin: that there is little intrinsic value in supporting the dollar apart from what the government attributes it. As some have pointed out, governments are required to accept the tax law, thus giving some measure of the value of the real world on an alternative such as cryptocurrency, but Kiyosaki does not acquire the belief that the fiat holds a sacred position in the company, one that cryptocurrency or precious metals could never replace,

"There is so much counterfeit money." In 1971 Nixon took off the dollar from the gold standard and the US dollar became counterfeit money. "

The author also continues to slam the propensity to inflation caused by the government, still finding support in the deflationary nature of cryptocurrencies- or at least the inability of the new press unbridled with money,

"The problem also became invisible, so they could print as much as they wanted, which is why the savers were wiped out."

Mr. Kiyosaki echoes some similar arguments of Peter Schiff, who has been labeled by many in the cryptocurrency sector as a detractor of the crypt despite having overlapped with opinions towards decentralization. As Schiff, who is credited with a warning before the crash of 2008 and now foresees a new incident in the market, Kiyosaki finds security in the precious metals industry, saying that the average person can protect himself from the influence of Wall Street and reckless behavior of the banking conglomerate seeking refuge through gold and silver,

"For the average person they buy only Australian or silver gold coins from the Perth mint. gold salt ".

In his most bullish cryptocurrency statements, Kiyosaki commented that he believes the government fiat will not have the same length of cryptocurrency and precious metals, stating that crypts will be seen as people's money. Speaking in an interview on Sane Crypto Podcast Kiyosaki said this,

"God's money, which is gold and silver, will be here after the roaches extinction, and people's money, which is [crypto] currency … I think the dollar is toasted bread because gold, silver and cybernetic currency will make it out. "

Kiyosaki concluded his sentiment with " The American dollar is a scam. "

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