Review Gold.IO ICO (GIO Token): EOS Blockchain-Based Crypto Project?


GOLD.IO it is a decentralized decentralized exchange platform (DEX), governed by its decentralized autonomous community (DAC). The platform operates on the premise that gold has been and continues to be the reserve of value since the early days of civilization and GOLD.IO tries to be the standard for his exchange.

The business idea behind GOLD.IO connects to the most important market trends. For example, stablecoins, which are real asset-backed tokens, are a safe haven for investment in difficult economic conditions.

The need for completely decentralized exchanges, the future of encryption, will help to avoid the great risks that spread in centralized exchanges. The rapid development of safe custody portfolios and the need for cross-chain communications all contribute to the improvement of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. All these are potential market opportunities for GOLD.IO.

What makes it unique?

The GOLD.IO project is unique. The uniqueness, which is the competitive advantage of the project, derives from the opportunity to contain all the projects related to gold that already exist; this offers more liquidity to one of the most interesting assets.

The platform also includes the DEX + DAC formula, with all aspects of DEX operations defined and regulated by the community itself.

Functionality of the project

Perfect markets: the GOLD.IO infrastructure is unique in terms of added value. The platform creates the first efficient and liquid market for gold-related tokens.

Blockchain security: the decentralized structure of the exchange eliminates all intermediaries and allows the community to be the sole custodian of all their gold investments.

Community governance: GOLD.IO operates under the Decentralized autonomous community that puts all power in the hands of his community, referees and producers.

Your vote, your power: The community has the power to vote for the development of any number of multipurpose sidechains and to realize the "infinite scalability" of the GOLD.IO platform.

A community exchange platform

  • Built on EOS.IO: the platform is completely decentralized, high performance and a sister chain of EOS.IO
  • Free: all the possible default commissions are zero
  • Governed by the Community: all governance decisions belong to the community, which votes for arbitrators, block producers, quotations, delisting, commissions, commercial policies and distribution of funds.

The final purpose

Chronicle I

In the initial phases, the GOLD.IO community will be relatively simple. An EOS-communicating sisterchain is developed with its equivalents of the following:

  • EOS Core Arbitration Forum known as GOLD.IO Arbitration Committee (GOAC)
  • Your own constitution or the GOLD.IO Social code
  • Manufacturers of dedicated blocks
  • Proxy
  • Related Ricardian contracts

All DEX features will be fully implemented on this chain. Initially, the Community has the freedom and responsibility to vote on issues that shape the system of economic incentives in the first generation sisterchain. This, implicitly, will influence future generations.

Chronicle II

As the demand for transactions on each DEX module increases and the requirements of the sub-communities begin to differ, the vote for the next-generation sisterchains that communicate smoothly between "legacy" chains and other sisterchains will take place. At that point, decentralization of the DEX module begins.

Of course, each of these chains will inherit some of the business logic, the laws and, in turn, the economy from the chains of the previous generation. Nevertheless, they will serve the needs and desires of the different GOLD.IO communities.

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