Refereum launches a new community growth engine for Blockchain companies


Refereum announced the launch of its Community Growth Engine, a web widget that will allow blockchain companies to directly reward the most active community members for their engagement and interactions with tokens and other awards. Founded by a team of veteran game experts and blockchain specialists, Refereum is a safe, reliable and verifiable way for members of an ecosystem to connect and be rewarded for content creation.

At the time of launch, Refereum Community Growth Engine customers include:


Rupie is a video game community and digital distribution platform that provides a collaborative approach to funding, building and playing blockchain.


EverMarkets is a futures and clearinghouse exchange platform built on blockchain technology.

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Xaya is a blockchain platform for the execution of thousands of serverless games that can support millions of players.


Coral is an interoperable blockchain protocol that offers cryptocurrent tax payers a decentralized safeguard against fraud. [19659002] is a social network for cryptocurrency enthusiasts that summarizes information, news, public opinion and supports people in the learning of the future of money.

With Refereum's Community Growth Engine, companies can design a series of missions, such as micro-tasks, for users who are fun and easy to do. Each activity is aimed at increasing the community and strengthening the relationship between the company and its members, as well as amplifying the messaging of companies.

At the time of the announcement, Dylan Jones, CEO of Refereum, said: "There is a strong correlation between the survival of blockchain companies and the size and commitment of their communities. "

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Dylan added" Many blockchain companies are pioneers in the wild west, they rely on their communities to help guide them, but there is no doubt that the new and unknown management requirements of a blockchain society put a strain on this link, we are pleased to offer our best practices to the blockchain community, and we do not see # 39; time to continue the iterations of the product. "

The growth engine of the Refereum community is the solution to the main challenges that arise at startup blockchain and the marketing industry re injury. By providing a fairer market for brands to interact, activate and interact with their communities, Refereum has become the world's largest and most transparent reference network on the Ethereum blockchain with 500,000 members.

"From my experience, I know that referrals are the most effective way to acquire new users," said David Park, Refereum's Chief Operations Officer who joined the Facebook San Francisco team where he led the product team for Facebook mobile app installation announcements and the notification team in Growth's Facebook organization.

David added, "Blockchain companies must have large, active communities to succeed." The Refereum Community Growth Engine is a revolutionary system that helps blockchain companies grow their communities by enabling them to reward people directly for to be social and active supporters of their projects. "

During the symbolic sale, the Refereum community broke the bound Telegram member three times. The launch of the Refereum Community Growth Engine will enable blockchain companies to access a community's best growth practices from the team that has created one of the largest blockchain fan community in the world.

Currently, Refereum is a growth engine for the community that is fueling the world's largest referral network on the Ethereum blockchain. On Refereum, brands and developers can directly engage, incentivize and activate a massive community of video streamers and social influencers to generate buzz, interactions and meaningful conversations around new products and services.

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