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Recent Waves Mainnet Tests demonstrate support for over 6 million daily transactions

Recent Waves Mainnet Tests demonstrate support for over 6 million daily transactions

The team and the developers behind the Waves coin have undergone numerous tests to determine the exact nature and capacity of its network. The results so far have been quite exceptional and show that Waves' blockchain is efficient and ready to serve its customer base more effectively. Here is a brief description of some of the results of the latest stress tests on the main Waves network.

Support for millions of transactions

During the load testing phase, Waves developers have sent over six million transactions to the main network. This large quantity showed that the platform had a significant throughput of about 900 transactions per second, with almost instant approval times.

The issue of throughput limits is a huge consideration, particularly in the crypto and blockchain sectors. It is one of the factors that is regularly cited by experts and critics. Unfortunately, unlike Waves, which has privileged efficiency and scalability, many blockchain platforms have lower throughput, which significantly affects overall adoption rates.

The Waves-NG platform was launched about 12 months ago and has been continuously perfected in the last year. The project team wanted to find out if the network was sustainable and how its mainnet would act if it subjected it to a massive increase in the number of transactions. With the Wave blockchain operating under typical load, the test added over six million new transactions and carefully reviewed the results.

Summary of the results of stress tests

  • Duration of the experiment: 24 hours
  • Total volume of transactions: 6,373,401
  • Tx / hour: 479.604
  • Tx / min: 12.176
  • Tx / sec: 911

This huge volume of transactions has been processed efficiently without interrupting the general network load requirements. Other transactions such as transfers, DEX orders and token creation, among others, which were falling by ordinary customers had no impact.

The experiment was created for important research reasons. The Waves team tried to discover and push to the limit of its network. Developers are always looking to improve their blockchain capacity, which leads to an increase in block size and the establishment of protocol-specific measures to increase transaction throughput.

Information on the Waves platform

Waves is an international blockchain platform that was launched in 2016 and whose mission is to create a secure blockchain network that allows users to solve a series of critical real-world problems. Developers are creating a scalable blockchain infrastructure complete with plant tools that are easy to use for businesses, individuals and developers.

Waves launched the decentralized exchange last April, offering a safe and fast tool for altcoin trading. Later that year, the team also activated the Waves-NG system protocol that allowed unprecedented throughput of over 100 transactions per second with almost instantaneous transaction confirmation speed.

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