Recall of cheese throughout Germany: risk of injury! Threat internal bleeding – warns the manufacturer


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A cheese recall hits customers in all federal states. The manufacturer warns of the presence of foreign bodies in the product which can be dangerous.

Stuttgart – The manufacturer garmo AG owns one call back for many cheese– Branded products GAZI started. According to the producer, the cheese in question was sold throughout Germany and may therefore have been sold throughout the country. Therefore, customers from all federal states should pay attention to the recall * and refrain from consuming it. Overall, the recall applies to three Turkish cheese specialties from the GAZi range.

The recall of cheese at GAZi applies to the following products

  • GAZi Yumak braided cheese – Fein geschnittener Zopfkäse, ca. 200 g, vacuumiert
  • Braided cheese GAZi Yumak – Fein geschnittener Zopfkäse, 200 g, vakuumiert
  • Braided cheese GAZi – Zopfkäse, approx. 250 g, vacuumiert

Even the Lotsthat perhaps represent a danger have been named more precisely. The products garmo AG warns against have the following Better before the dates: 01.01.2021, 08.01.2021, 15.01.2021, 22.01.2021, 29.01.2021, 23.02.2021, 26.02.2021, 02.03.2021, 09.03.2021, 16.03.2021 or 23.03.2021.

Reasons for cheese recall: health hazard due to metal parts

The manufacturer claims that the GAZi cheese recall is a preventative measure. It cannot be ruled out foreign body I’m in the cheese. Specifically, it is about the risk of the little ones Metal particle in the above products.

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The cheese was after the recall from sale taken. Customers shouldn’t consume the products. Anyone who has purchased one of the affected cheeses with a corresponding expiration date can return it to the store. In this case the customer will be refunded the cost of the purchase.

How big is the risk with this cheese lure?

Foreign body in Food can in principle pose a serious health risk. The current recall serves to minimize the risk of injury. “[Wir nehmen] the possible risks are very serious and we apologize for the inconvenience “, said garmo AG.

In addition to this cheese recall, another producer is recalling a seafood product at the same time. Again there is a risk of serious health consequences if consumed. (rm)

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