ReBornBloc ICO (RBE token): cryptocurrency currency with renewable energy?

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Initially thought of as a decentralized database, blockchain technology is proving to be much more than just a means to manage our data. concept with Reborn Energy Bloc has thought: The idea is to use the blockchain in such a way as to provide reliable data evidence to develop a safe reduction of carbon emissions (CER credit) and at the same time produce clean energy from the use of waste as a source Here is a perspective of the blockchain and the renewable energy solution

ReBornBloc Renewable Energy Crypto Coin Technology

Chamhana High Technologies

Chamhana Technology Research Institute is the 39; physical entity (treatment plant)

Reborn Platform

The Reborn service platform will bring the mobile application, portfolio, website, smart contrac t portal and data storage system. The platform will also contain an API for processing and data generation and will manage a Node (Backend server) for data.

Reborn Wallet

The Reborn wallet is the platform's private multi-wallet that stores tokens for use on Reborn Bloc. The e-wallet operates through the keys to authorize transactions between users.

ReBornBloc RBE Token and ICO details

The Reborn block token was developed to allow payments and transactions within the platform. The operations will include customers and business partners of the Chamhana Technology Research Institute. Part of the activities will also take place through the international private exchange which facilitates the liquidity of the RBE token.

Parameters of ICO

  • Private sale: 18 June 2018 – 15 July 2018
  • First pre-sale: 16 July 2018 – 31 July 2018, Bonus – 20%
  • Second pre-sale: 1 August 2018 – 15 August 2018, Bonus- 15%
  • Public sale: 16 August 2018 – 31 August 2018, Bonus- 5%
  • Token symbol- RBE
  • Blockchain- Ethereum
  • Model-ERC20 [19659015] Token supply- 3.800.000.000 RBE
  • Price- 1 ETH = 4677 / .81448494 RBE

Token distribution

  • Chamhanian trade reserve- 35%
  • Exchange RBE- 35%
  • Private and pre -sale -15%
  • System development and marketing- 6.5%
  • Assignment of member companies- 5%
  • Institute and development team- 3.50% [19659030] Conclusion on ReBornBloc

    As always the future with blockchain is uncertain, but there is a growing interest in using the innovation for the renewable energy market. If harnessed in the right way, Reborn could portray the ability of the blockchain to play a vital role in the transition of waste energies. However, for now it is unlikely that the energy market will suddenly change, but it is certain that we will not see the time to see how technology develops.

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