Real MLM Scheme of Bitcoin Mining and Crypto Trading?

  Inexx Network Analysis: Real Bitcoin Mining and Crypto Trading Scheme MLM

Inexx Networking is a ROI Ponzi Schema 300%

Inexx Networking is a scam investment program. By disguising as a legitimate investment or startup scheme that manages the marketing activities of an entity called INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, Inexx Network claims that it will be able to produce a viable and permanent return for its investors primarily through trading and trading. 39; Bitcoin extraction.

They even insist on having a robot to exchange Bitcoins. This robot has allegedly been developed by their programmers who are also experts in trading Cryptocurrencies. The robot in question has been named BTC Pro software. It is supposed to be very effective in identifying the opportunities to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies for profits.

It is also said that it is highly efficient in the execution of trading orders. The other source of revenue for Inexx Networking is Bitcoin's cloud mining where they claim that users can buy hashing power from them so they can extract BTC on their behalf in the cloud.

Inexx Networking is inviting Internet users to be part of the "vision" of what will presumably become the biggest startup in the world. There is something wrong with this statement and promise because we do not see any real product that this site offers.

They state that one of the areas in which they will invest is the trading and the extraction of Bitcoins. There are several companies that have combined the two activities. They are not the biggest startups in the world. So, telling us that Inexx Networking will be the biggest startup in the world, they are clearly taking too much.

Their website also refers to their activities on another platform called INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE. This exchange has been confirmed to be highly unreliable and unsafe. It's practically a scam. Nobody can be trusted and, surely, anyone who is associating their entity to this exchange is definitely a fraud.

Inexx Networking is therefore operating something that looks more like a Ponzi scheme than a trading or cloud mining company. Although they claim to participate in these two economic activities, there is no evidence that Inexx Networking has any data centers. This raises the question of how the extraction of Bitcoins is supposed to occur when there are no data centers within their infrastructure.

They could have the so-called BTC pro software. But still, we need a performance test. If this robot buys and sells from the aforementioned bag, we need to see the real proof that it derives profits from its purchase and from its sale. We can not be persuaded based on the claims of having a profitable robot developed by "expert programmers". This is the worst way to try to convince us to buy a robot or participate in one way or another.

So far, we see that Inexx Networking fits the description of a HYIP scam. There is no differentiation. To make matters worse, Inexx Networking is not supported by any registered and legal company. Nothing is known about the background of this site and its activities.

This prevents potential users from believing they would build on this platform. Furthermore, any company that claims to have mining facilities must be a certified company with a proven track record of execution.

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