RCS-RDS offers something similar for free for millions of Romanians – what you need to do now to take advantage of it


In 2020, we talk quite often about 5G, but there are a few other options you should know about to get the most out of your phone. Here’s something for Digi RCS-RDS and it’s free.

Until we have decent 5G coverage, you should make sure you have configured what is needed on your phone to make the most of call quality. Fortunately, Digi | RCS-RDS offers something like this. Activation is free, as long as your phone supports this feature.

Now it’s about the VoLTE and VoWiFi options that let you enjoy clearer, seamless phone calls, sometimes even when you don’t have a good signal. Although the technology is available for free on Digi | RCS-RDS since 2017, few customers know.

How to take advantage of these two free options offered by Digi | RCS-RDS

In short, VoLTE works like the VoIP standard. It uses the company’s 4G / LTE mobile data network. Instead of consuming minutes, you will consume internet traffic when you have the opportunity to make such a call. Calls also connect much faster from the start, in less than two seconds.

And the situation is even more interesting when we talk about VoWiFi. You connect to the wireless Internet you enjoy and have much better coverage for calls within your home or wherever you are. You can have the VoWiFi service also outside, through the national network of Digi Wi-Fi hotspots.

4G calling via VoLTE technology is free. All you need is a compatible smartphone, purchased from Digi | RCS-RDS or elsewhere with VoLTE technology. The service is activated when you are in the 4G coverage area. During the call, the switch from 4G to 3G network occurs automatically.

Another reason you would like something similar is that through VoLTE you can benefit from good conversations while using mobile data at 4G speeds. That on 3G was just a good dream. You have all the details on the Digi RCS-RDS website here.

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