Razer SoftMiner uses your GPU to extract the cryptocurrency, but you do not get the coins


A new series of programs was introduced this week by Razer to entice users with Razer Silver. One of these is Razer SoftMiner, a desktop application that Razer suggests "uses the idle processing power of the players' battle stations GPU to solve complex blockchain-based puzzles on the back end." Wow, you might say, it's nice that Razer created a Bitcoin Miner so that people can easily earn cryptocurrency on their home PC, but it's not that simple.

The Razer SoftMiner app sends data to Razer and Razer rewards the owner of the PC running the app with Razer Silver. Razer Silver is not the same thing as normal silver, nor is it equal to any type of legal currency. It is not the same as a US dollar. You can not exchange Razer Silver with dollars: you can give this currency to Razer only for digital goods.

Above you will see Mac and Dennis of It & # 39; s Always Sunny in Philadelphia explaining how Razer Silver works, via a Dave and Busters Power Card. The difference between Razer Silver and Dave and Busters' money is the method by which you reach Razer Silver. There are several ways, one of which is to make your computer work with Razer SoftMiner.

When you run a cryptocurrency miner of any kind, your computer's processor processes equations. When these equations are resolved, you are rewarded with a quantity of cryptocurrency that is then sent to a digital wallet. If you wish, you can exchange this cryptocurrency with other cryptocurrencies and / or possibly return to USD, alias fiat dollars.

"Razer Silver is not a cryptocurrency, it's a loyalty rewards program," says Razer in the Razer SoftMiner FAQ. "We work with the mining encryption technology to take advantage of your computer's GPU, which in turn assigns you Silver, giving you access to the Razer ecosystem and the award series."

When you run Razer SoftMiner, your computer's processor is still solving the equations, but there's another step. Razer Silver is not a cryptocurrency. Razer Silver does not work on a blockchain-dependent code, but is more a gift certificate system entirely managed by Razer. As a result, there's a good reason why Razer wants you to run your Razer SoftMiner on your PC, and it's not just to get you involved in Razer Silver.

Instead of having to pay USD to get Razer Silver, you're allowing your computer to pay Razer in cryptocurrency prizes. In exchange for the work of your computer, Razer offers you Razer Silver, redeemable for "a complete suite of Razer equipment and digital prizes" by Razer.

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