RaspiBlitz Node Adds support for configuring the Litecoin Lightning network using the RaspberryPi module

RaspiBlitz Node Adds support for configuring the Litecoin Lightning network using the RaspberryPi module

An announcement made on the official Media page of Litecoin Foundation, Litecoin Lightning Network will be added RaspiBlitz node. The idea came from Lightning Hackaday held in New York at the start of this year, hosted by Christian Rotzoll & # 39; and & # 39; FulmoLightning & # 39 ;.

The RaspiBlitz was famous for its quick and economical way of integrating the Bitcoin Lightning Network node and adding Litecoin to it. Through the RaspberryPi module, users will be granted access to configure a Lightecoin node similar to Litecoin. The complete tutorial to set up the Litecoin Lightning node can be found on the official Litecoin GitHub page.


Rotzoll wrote the explanation by saying:

"The RaspiBlitz serves as a shortcut through this installation process with some modifications and an additional LCD display so you can quickly experiment with a Lightning node and start working on your LApps on a hacking event (or at home). good for the use of testnet and maybe try some small things on mainnet.But if you later decide to become completely reckless … please consider the time and work with the original RaspiBolt project. we verify. "

Moreover, in its statement on why Litecoin and Bitcoin are the only coins with the ability of the network node of Lightning is partly due to the similarity of Bitcoin and Litecoin in the technicalities and the platform, as well as the efforts of the company to support Litecoin.

Litecoin's blockchain will reap huge benefits from instant atomic exchanges between peer-to-peer networks, while more digital assets will be traded at LTC. Litecoin for its part offers a completely decentralized platform and is currently listed in a series of exchanges all over the world which gives the currency a high liquidity for easy use by traders, individuals or companies.

Lightning Labs is able to easily maintain the support of the two blockchains mainly because of the similarity between the BTC and LTC networks.

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