Rare Cryptocurrency To Mine Tokens For?


Since more cryptocurrencies reach this highly saturated market, it is normal that most of them will end up failing and ending up in darkness. The truth is that there are only so many altoveni that offer significant value in the real world and that are worth tracing. However, for a rare altcoin, ONE, darkness and scarcity are actually incorporated into the currency. Find out more details on unobtanium in the following review.

About Unobtanium

Cryptocurrency or UNO in unobtanium is a single currency that uses the PoW framework to achieve scarcity, low inflation and a fair distribution system. With an aggregate supply limit of 250,000, currency One is quite rare. Almost 200,000 coins have been extracted at the moment. Since the vision of the company is to maintain fair distribution and minimize swelling, the same principles apply to its mining strategy.

One is not only rare in terms of the total number of coins that will be issued, but also in its proper launch. The currency was not reserved or pre-mined when it was launched in October 2013. The company assured that the launch would be unquestionably fair by offering low earnings for the extraction of the first 1,000 blocks. Then, unobtanium gave the miners enough time and space to upgrade and configure their mining equipment, thus ensuring a fair launch and a stable coin distribution system.

Mysterious team

Team members who created Unobtanium, which currently trade at around $ 87, are as secret as the altcoin itself. The founder has chosen to remain anonymous, passing from the user name "BLAZR2". The community manager and the web developer also have codenames, respectively Fallingknife and Learminer. The main developer is Bryce Weiner and is actively involved in several other high-class cryptography projects such as the Tao Network.

The noteworthy aspect of this team is that the developers and founders of Uno did not take any altcoin during the launch. In addition, for the first mining blocks, the system offered a very low mining remuneration to support all miners where they were still installing their facilities.

Mining unbtanium

Unobtanium has recently been consolidated with Bitcoin regarding mining, which means that it is possible to use the same data mining hardware for these two coins. There are several mining pools available for this mining, including Zpool.ca, Cryptominer, Multipool.us, and Prohashing.com. If you're already digging a SHA-256 altcoin like Bitcoin, you can easily combine it with Uno and get more profits.

Unobtanium wallet

UNO has a wide range of versatile portfolios that span across all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. There is also a paper portfolio for Unobtanium which is available on WalletGenerator.net.


Long after its launch, Uno still remains a collectible altcoin that has retained its value. While Unobtanium is still vulnerable in the short term, drastic price fluctuations, its long-term price stability shows an unmatched history of significant retention and growth in value.

General details

  • Token Name: Unobtanium (UNO)
  • Age: Five years (Launched in 2013)
  • Current exchange rate: 1 ONE = $ 87
  • All at the top: $ 264
  • Maximum supply of coins: 250,000 coins
  • Mineable or stakeable: Yes
  • Reserved or pre-extract: No
  • Hash algorithm: SHA-256
  • Availability: 192 countries
  • Market capitalization: $ 16,316,440

Coin statistics

  • Current block: 1348318
  • Reward of the block: 0.01 One
  • Difficulty: 313 billion
  • Total coins extracted: 199.510.9
  • Hash rate: 7.615.10 PH / s

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