Ran NeuNer of Crypto Trader states that the approval of Bitcoin's ETF will send BTC to $ 25,000 in 2018


The Bitcoin market had a week at fall with prices falling back below $ 7,000. Many attribute this price drop to a market reaction after the SEC decided to deny the Winklevoss twins' request for a Bitcoin ETF.

In an interview with Crypto Trader's Ran Neuner, Michael Arrington [CEO – Arrington XRP Capital] commented that the cryptomarket is particularly promising, confirming its bullish expectations in the short

Arrington he took the opportunity to deny the accusations made on this controversial token, without further elaboration. He thinks that despite the criticism that Ripple could receive, naming his company with the name of XRP is a good business strategy from a pragmatic point of view.

He commented that although he had the money invested in Bitcoin (BTC), his company has the name of the Ripple XRP token because of the extraordinary practical use that this token provides to adoptive users. He also said that he invests not only in strong currencies such as BTC, ETH and XRP but also has holdings in ICOs, utility tokens, loans, exchanges and other types of risk spreading strategies.

"All my life is spent in cryptocurrency, we are all optimistic, but I am always optimistic … I think we will still be able to hit 25,000 this year and I really hope we are too low at the moment." [19659008] At the end of the interview, Ran Neuner said he thinks there could be an ETF at the end of the year; a statement with which he followed Arrington

Neuner said:

"The reason I say that [talking about a prediction of BTC at 25k by the end of 2018] is that I think we will get an ETF, and I think the ETF will arrive between August and October and this will send us to 25,000. "

To which Arrington replied:

That offers custody options to institutional investors who do not have now. I think you're right, yes. "

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