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Raiden Red Eyes to drive growth – Crypto Recorder

After following XRP (XRP) for over a month, Ethereum (ETH) is approaching and seems ready to win back the 2ND locate. At the time of writing the market capitalization of Ethereum (ETH) stood at $ 13,352,779,051 as a result of XRP (XRP) whose market capitalization now stands at $ 14,960,792,441. It is also surpassing all the other 10 best coins in earnings, increasing by 14.62% at the time of writing.

The rise of Ethereum (ETH) is a surprise for many, considering that it was one of the cryptos that many had canceled as a dead project, in the heat of the bear market. This is due to the persistent downsizing problems that Ethereum has had to face in the past and the increase of so many projects claiming to be Ethereum (ETH) killers.

However, everything is about to change. A few days ago, the
The Raiden network announced the release of red-eye alpha on Ethereum (ETH)
mainnet. This will help solve Ethereum's downsizing and privacy issues
(ETH) has faced in the past. Here are the key features of Red Eye as from
The Raiden Network blog.

  • Opening, topping up, closing and settlement of payment channels
  • Opening, topping up, closing and settlement of payment channels
  • Single and multi-hop transfers
  • Automatic association of a token network and opening of channels with peers
  • REST API with endpoint for all features
  • Redesigned WebUI
  • Smart contracts rewritten and more efficient in terms of gas (for example, one contract per token network)
  • Best protocol for dealing with borderline cases
  • Recovery in case of irregular arrest of the Raiden node
  • Integration of the Matrix transport protocol for messaging

Around 2019, this will play an important role in the guide
the value of Ethereum (ETH). This is because, without the problems of downsizing they have
afflicted Ethereum (ETH) in the past, has no rivals in the platforms
space blockchains. This could see the number of projects based on the
The Ethereum blockchain grows several times.

The prospects of Ethereum in 2019 are also reinforced by the fact that
already has a consolidated network. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance includes
some of the largest companies in the world. How Ethereum gets to climb better
with Raiden and 2 othersND level solutions, more companies will do it
starts building on the Ethereum blockchain. This vast network will play an important role
role in conducting on Ethereum (ETH) in the long run.

With its fundamentals it is improving, and its price a
massive minimums in 2018, Ethereum could attract more investments than any other
cryptocurrency in 2019. It is already
showing signs of massive growth, if its price action in the last 2 weeks is nothing
Go with.

Ethereum will also be supported by the fact that with the skill
to scale efficiently, it could consolidate the blockchain space of the platform and
kill the competition. Most of Ethereum's competitors are new projects
they are far from Ethereum (ETH) in terms of network influence. As such, there is a real possibility
most of the developments in this space could be consolidated around Ethereum (ETH).
How high it could go is a question of speculation. If this impulse continues,
Ethereum (ETH) could easily repeat its historical highs in 2019.

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