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It had already been leaked that Yamaha would provide the MT-09 three-cylinder with a larger displacement. Now we know: Yamaha is reviewing this bestseller for 2021 and not saving any money.

For the past eight years, the MT-09 has been adequately powered by an 847cc inline three-cylinder engine. With the inevitable update to the Euro 5 emission standard, Yamaha has carried out a major overhaul of this engine. The displacement increased by a small 42 to 889 cc, the power increased from 4 to 119 hp, the torque from 88 to 93 Nm.

Numbers not spectacular so far, but there is much more. The engine was completely revised and not simply punctured. Rather, the 78mm bore was retained and the stroke was extended from 59.1mm to 62.1mm. All important parts such as the engine housing, pistons, connecting rods, camshafts and fuel injection are new. The new engine is 1.7 kg lighter. The increased torque is already available at 7000 / min, 1500 / min earlier than its predecessor, which was not even criticized as weak.

The intake tract and the floor exhaust system with two exhaust openings have also been redesigned. This saves an additional 1.4 kg. Gears 1 and 2 have a longer ratio and the slipper clutch has been revised.

That wasn’t all, even the frame was completely redesigned with a new 10mm shorter die-cast aluminum frame and a new swingarm, which together are 0.8kg lighter. In the new, more compact frame, the steerer is positioned 30mm lower and the fork is shortened accordingly. The bearing of the new rocker arm is located between the side parts of the frame and no longer outside it. A die-cast aluminum part replaces the rear of the steel frame and saves 1.5 kg of weight.

KYB (formerly Kayaba) supplies the fork and shock absorber, both components are adjustable in preload, rebound and compression damping. The front brake has been updated with a radial brake master cylinder from Nissin. The forged rims, which are 700g lighter, also attract attention on a mid-range motorcycle.

The minimalist design of the MT-09 has been further developed with the obligation to dispense with unnecessary covers. The front fender and headlight bezel are the only remaining body panels. With 189 kg, the new MT-09 has become 4 kg lighter.

The assistance electronics have been updated with the integration of a six-axis gyroscope. This is derived from the 2015 R1 sensor, but due to further minimization it is only half as large and 40% lighter. This sensor enables standard cornering ABS, lean angle dependent traction control, slip control and wheelie control. There are two preset driving modes and a freely programmable driving mode. The Quickshifter Up & Down gearbox is standard. Inside there is a new 3.5-inch color TFT display. The lighting is based on all-round LEDs. The price has not yet been determined.


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