Quantstamp, OmiseGo to conduct minimal vital plasma (MVP) to make etereum safe and protected


Quantstamp-OmiseGo-Come-Together-to-Behavior-the-Minimum vital-plasma-MVP-Realization-Making-Ethereum-Ecosystem-Safer

Quantstamp, OmiseGo unite to conduct minimal vital plasma (MVP) implementation, making the Ethereum ecosystem safer

Quantstamp, a blockchain-based security company, has partnered with OmiseGo to implement the The minimum vital plasma of OmiseGo (MVP) implementation in an attempt to make the Ethereum ecosystem safer.

Speaking of the MVP, the CTO of Quantstamp Steven Stewart said that:

"Plasma offers a solution to downsize the challenges that prevent Ethereum from achieving its design goals …. We believe this will help the whole ecosystem move forward and we are proud to improve the safety of this scalability prototype."

According to an announcement made by Quantstamp, the the goal of the company he had to look into the MVP repository when it comes to code quality, security issues, and compliance with best practices and specifications. After a positive evaluation, Quantstamp reviewers found vulnerabilities, but the team worked on a solution.

Minimal vital plasma in a nutshell

Designed by OmiseGo, MVP is basically a prototype of Plasma implementation, which is a 2-level scaling solution developed on the Ethereum blockchain. It promises revolutionary features not only for OmiseGo, but for the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

In its current design, Ethereum is not able to handle a huge number of transactions. He tried once in December 2017, when Cryptokitties dApp was launched on his network, but failed due to heavy congestion. The Ethereum blockchain, which is known as Level 1, is limited to a certain number of transactions per block to ensure immutability and security. By this way, Ethereum it can not handle transactions from multiple heavy applications at the same time.

log into Plasma technologyand everything changes! Although the technology is currently under development, it aims to scale the Ethereum network, allowing it to handle a large number of transactions. He hopes to achieve this by reducing the amount of data stored on the blockchain, and instead of creating blocks that exist above Ethereum.

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