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One of the biggest challenges for public blockchain is scalability. For widespread adoption, blockchain technology must be able to manage the needs of business operations today and for the future. At the same time, these blockchains must be efficient – they no longer use the value of what they are trying to create.

Quanta Chain is a new public blockchain that seeks to be part of a growing group of distributed accounting IT companies looking to deliver an enterprise-class solution. The company claims to provide an infrastructure 15 times higher than the popular Ethereum option.

According to the company, Quanta Chain is now live, using a cross-chain order architecture and a quick order-book based on memory ledgers, allowing any company to build a decentralized trading platform on its infrastructure . Quanta states that it is different from existing platforms that "have not yet found the ultimate solution for asset trading in real time".

Quanta Chain claims to provide "almost instantaneous, chain matching (with latency <1 sec) and allows cross-chain transactions, which prevent other DEXs from scaling infinitely".

As part of their goal, the company will launch a decentralized digital resource exchange in December. It is said that the Quanta Dex has over 300,000 records in advance of the launch.

Quoc Le, co-founder and CEO of Quanta, claims to be on a mission to be the first public blockchain to "provide instant liquidity of many orders of magnitude faster than existing solutions".

"We predicted that the current blockchains were not suitable for building the quicker decentralized exchange and Vitalik Buterin recently confirmed when he said:" Every day present "Blockchain Sucks (also BTC and ETH) .We are building a public blockchain with the quickest alignment of orders that provides a true alternative to the centralized exchanges that still dominate, and a DEX that abides by the ethos of egalitarian blockchain technology. "

He believes that the challenge of building rapid and scalable digital resource exchanges is an I / O problem that the existing general accounting blockchain technology will never have the ability to solve. The single most critical factor that limits the broader adoption of DEXs is the lack of liquidity, caused in part by blockchains that function and develop in the silos.

The co-founder and director of marketing and operations of Quanta, Afonso Barbosa, adds to have the technical experience and the vision within his team to provide a solution that meets the needs of a continuous expansion, rapid evolution and technologically evolutive needs for exchange of resources on blockchain.

"We are working with a number of market-leading partners to provide the most comprehensive blockchain infrastructure for DEX available today and we welcome all blockchains to collaborate with us and increase their liquidity"

Quanta based in Singapore is in the midst of a symbolic presale with a crowd to follow. The white paper is available here.

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