Push Blockchain global launched by a platform at the forefront


Some of the world's most ambitious technology innovators have taken a huge step forward in fulfilling their blockchain ambitions after implementing an early adopter version of the Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service.

The service allows organizations to easily create blockchain networks to conduct more secure and efficient transactions and to track goods across global supply chains.

Arab Jordan Investment Bank is the leading exponent of the Middle East region, while businesses including CargoSmart, Certified Origins, Indian Oil, Intelipost, MTO, Neurosoft, Nigeria Customs, Sofbang, Solar Site Design and TradeFin they are among the many global organizations that have already adopted Oracle's blockchain platform.

Blockchain has the power to radically transform the way each sector does business by making interactions safer, transparent, efficient and cost-effective.

Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service provides customers with a development platform to build their networks and integrate quickly with Oracle SaaS and third-party applications they already use, as well as other blockchain networks and Oracle PaaS services.

It also allows the user s to provision blockchain networks, join other organizations and deploy and execute smart contracts to update and query the ledger. The Blockchain Oracle platform leverages decades of industry experience in the industry and its broad partner ecosystem to reliably share and conduct reliable transactions with suppliers, banks and other business partners through blockchain.

"Blockchain promises to be one of our generation's most transformative technologies," said Amit Zavery, executive vice president of Oracle Cloud Platform. "Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service is the result of years of research and development together with our partners and customers.With the Oracle platform, companies can enhance their business, eliminate unnecessary processes and transit with their distributed networks in a simpler way, transparent and secure. "

Oracle's blockchain platform is based on the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Fabric. It is pre-assembled with all dependencies of the underlying infrastructure, container lifecycle management, event services, identity management, REST proxy and a set of integrated monitoring operations and tools under a & # 39, the only console, accelerating the process of application development and application. [19659003] Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service is an Oracle-managed cloud platform backed by a 99.95% availability SLA, with integrated high-availability configuration, stand-alone recovery agents, and continuous accounting backup capabilities that can enable disaster recovery multi-date availability domains.

Also benefits from the extensive capabilities of Oracle Cloud Platform for plug-and-play integration with existing cloud and on-premises applications, API management, and application development environments and tools . In addition, Oracle is offering new SaaS applications to use blockchain technology for commonly used cases, such as traceability, source identification, warranty and use, and cold chain.

Plug-and-play capability with Oracle and third-party applications results in faster integration with different recording systems; Acceleration of the time of introduction on the market and multiplication of returns deriving from the use of the blockchain platform through different applications use cases.

"Blockchain projects move quickly from pilot to production as businesses and governments begin to see the intrinsic value of distributed registries and smart contracts," said Robert Parker, vice president of production and retail insights, IDC. "With the acceleration of spending, buyers will need an open-source, enterprise-class platform that includes data security and integrity, scalability, manageability and interoperability."

Blockchain has the power to influence almost all sectors and has vertical applicability from transportation, supply chain and logistics, energy, retail and e-commerce, financial services, telecommunications and the public sector.

Organizations and industry consortia are already using Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service to facilitate transactions, track goods through supply chains and reduce costs, including global shipping leaders, multinational manufacturers, food producers and food & beverage markets. 39; energy. For example, Oracle joined the Food Safety Consortium and is a member of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, participating in its blockchain working group.

"Oracle's blockchain platform helped us minimize the complexity of electronic funds transfers by reducing costs, increasing efficiency and security levels, and ultimately improving the overall customer experience "said Ayman Qadoumi, deputy general manager of A., information technology and security, Arab Jordan Investment Bank. "Integrated features such as identity management and data encryption have made it an ideal choice for industry needs and compliance needs, and REST APIs have helped us and our suppliers to accelerate development and • integration of applications with existing core services. "

" We are using Oracle's blockchain cloud service to develop an application to simplify the complex documentation processes facing the shipbuilding industry, "said Steve Siu , CEO of CargoSmart. "The complete nature of Oracle's blockchain cloud platform has enabled us to quickly build prototypes into products that are valid in different 12-week sprints, so far we have seen more than 30% proven productivity gains compared to other blockchain platforms we've tested. Complying with other key purchasing requirements are integrated management and operational tools, which enable our business partners to monitor all their blockchain activities and network health. "

" As a producer of cultivated extra-virgin olive oil in small family farms in Italy, we wanted to track down our product that we sell on the US market with the Bellucci Evoo brand through the entire supply chain, "from the tree to the shelf", said Andrea Biagianti, CIO of Certified Origins. "The availability of Oracle's blockchain service simplifies deployment and collab of all the included parts and represents a real competitive advantage for us. Adds an extra layer of transparency and information that is valuable to consumers looking for quality products and helps us support the excellence of small farms. "

Dr Terence Lau, convenor of the Food Safety Consortium (FSC), welcomed Oracle as a business member of the non-profit technological development platform established by the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong." FSC is committed to advancing global food security with science and technology, "said Dr. Lau." With a growing demand for multidisciplinary skills in addressing food safety and quality challenges, FSC is pleased to work with Oracle to leverage blockchain, big data and other IT applications to provide better food provenance, traceability and security. We look forward to exploring Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service to improve and accelerate the food security initiative in Hong Kong, as well as globally. "

" Companies are testing and seeing more and more the value of blockchain technologies that can offer their organizations, from rationalizing internal processes to building reliable networks with partners, customers and third parties, "said Brian Behlendorf, Director Hyperledger Executive. "Based on Hyperledger Fabric, Oracle's platform, with support for interoperability with non-Oracle Hyperledger Fabric instances, will help build additional support for open standards and interoperability, illustrating how quickly, easily and in security companies can start using blockchain to improve business processes. "

" Oracle's blockchain platform is agile, easy to develop and its enterprise scalability makes it an ideal choice for rapid implementation of blockchain platforms, "said Juan José Miranda, blockchain project manager for Magia.Digital. "Based on our experience with the platform, we have even chosen it as our main development platform for the New York Consensus Hackathon 2018. With its characteristics, we were able to impress the judges and finally be nominated as winners of the competition. "[19659003]" Once we decided that the blockchain would be the ideal technology to bring our loyalty program to life "From Mileage to Opportunity "- M2O -, we have taken a rigorous approach to finding the right supplier," said Suwan Kim, CEO, MTO. "We are confident that Oracle's pre-assembled blockchain cloud service could quickly help us build a reliable platform which allows users to convert credit card points and airline miles into tokens. It also provides easy and continuous management and all the basic security, scalability and resiliency needed for a production solution like this. "

" We used Oracle's blockchain to create a reliable platform for the automation of the trade in excise customs business processes and procedures, "said Aber T Benjamin, assistant to the general modernization of the controller, Nigeria Customs Service. "Using this technology, we discovered that the entire business environment can be migrated to the blockchain to automate processes and create transparency and predictability. Once the transition to the blockchain is completed, NCS expects an increase in revenue growth of around 50%. This technology helps our organization build a global trust for Nigerian companies through irrefutable data on goods produced in the country. "

" Using Oracle's blockchain platform in factoring and supply chain finance seems like a natural choice that allows us to move from a fragmented process along heterogeneous systems to a common base, which can be considered reliable by everyone, used as a reference , resolve conflicts and streamline processes, "said Nikolaos Vasilonikolidakis, CEO of Neurosoft." Risk mitigation in factoring is critical and Oracle's blockchain brings a common consensus that helps to regulate transactions almost in real time. "[19659003] "Oracle's blockchain platform is enabling Sofbang to create intelligent contract supply chain solutions for our customers," said Michael Ribet, product development manager, Sofbang. "We are pleased with the rich functionality, robust scalability of the service and the way in which it is designed to seamlessly integrate blockchain technology with the current ones business-critical applications. Our customers are anticipating up to 35% efficiency gains by communicating more reliably and quickly with their business partners through Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service. "

" We helped to found the Energy Blockchain Network at the start of this year after realizing the stakeholders in the solar project ecosystem needed a single source of truth with immutable records , so that they can trust the project status data, "said Jason Loyet, CEO of Solar Site Design." Now we can program the status of each project, list the requirements to go ahead and reward the value contributions almost in time. real. We're really excited about how easily the NetSuite SuiteCloud Development Platform and the Oracle blockchain platform integrate with the pre-packaged blockchain APIs, allowing us to explore new ways to develop smart contracts, manage projects and reward programs. "

" As a company dedicated to making business-to-business payments and secure, friction-free and ubiquitous supply chain finance using blockchain, we are able to significantly accelerate time on board companies, their suppliers and banks. using Oracle's blockchain platform, "said Amit Baid, CEO, TradeFin." Provides a REST API-based platform with advanced integration options in the Oracle Cloud Platform, enabling us to quickly integrate existing customers. In addition, Oracle Scaleup Ecosystem provides access to the platform itself, cloud credits, tutoring and a range of Oracle resources that can help startups like ours to grow rapidly. "

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