Promotion of cryptocurrency in Singapore: details of "Token Day"


Bitcoin and some altcoins they have already helped their first investors become millionaires in dollars. After the boom in last year's cryptocurrency and the profound correction in 2018, many people believe it is too late invest in digital coins. But in this article we will dispel this falsity and we will also talk about specific currencies that are more likely to succeed next year.

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  1. Because it's not too late to enter the market
  2. The most promising coins of the next year
  3. Conclusion

1. Because it's not too late to enter the market

If one looks at the situation from a global perspective, one can see that the cryptocurrency sector is still at a very early stage of its development. From now on, the historical maximum of the entire market capitalization is just over 800 billion dollars. On a global scale, this is an absolutely small value, for example, the capitalization of the Apple company exceeds only the value of 1 trillion dollars. Starting from mid-October 2018, after a protracted correction, all cryptocurrencies are valued at only 200-220 billion dollars (taking into account volatility). Based on this information, we can easily say that digital coins still have a fairly high liquidity in a long-term perspective.

2. The most promising coins of the next year

According to CoinMarketCap's global valuation, there are now just over 2,000 tokens and tokens on the market. Unfortunately, not everyone has a real value and at least some future prospects. We will not talk about specific coins that will surely give dear X to next year, since making such statements is nothing more than an attempt to predict the future. We have only identified promising TOP-5 coins, which are more likely to rise in price next year, so let's start.


This project can not boast a stable rate, but has a large number of important partners who already successfully use its technology. This currency focuses on the banking sector, has a huge production capacity and minimum commissions. Last year, the currency showed surprising dynamics, its rate rose almost 600 times. The currency has a great chance of becoming a mediator that will connect the cryptocurrency industry and the banking sector. In this case, the price of XRP tokens can reach a radically new level.


Now Vitalik Buterin`s "Brainchild" is not living the best of times. The currency rate is around $ 200. However, do not forget that Ethereum has a good reputation and still remains the largest decentralized platform in the world. The development team must certainly solve many problems (scalability, inflation, etc.), but the project has good chances for a bright future.


The Chinese analogue of ETH, which is often called a crypto-yuan. The Asian market is one of the largest markets in this sector, so the project has every opportunity to firmly consolidate in the top 10 leaders in the near future.


This project is an innovative micro-payment system without transactions. For this reason, IOTA is a very fast and very reliable system. Recently, the currency has found important partners (for example, the company BOSCH), which speaks of its real value.


It may seem strange, but Bitcoin is the engine for the entire cryptocurrency market. BTC has the largest number of users, its capitalization exceeds 50% of the entire cryptocurrency market. Taking into account the fact that the complexity of the mines is growing and the premium is decreasing, in the future this will cause the lack of coins, which will positively affect the rate of coins. Statistics on bitcoins for 2018, as in the case of the vast majority of currencies, are sad, but among all the coins presented, BTC has the greatest chance of recovery.

3. Conclusion

There are a large number of different cryptocurrency projects on the market, but not everyone has a future. To feel more comfortable in this very unpredictable market, it is better to diversify risks and buy 10-20 different currencies. This approach will help protect your investment from huge losses.

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