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Profitable cases of use of Blockchain to be invested in 2019

The world is moving from "internet" to "blockchain". Soon we will see many companies run on this new and powerful technology. In this post, we review the list of interesting blockchain use cases to invest in 2019.

BitExchange is a startup that provides software ready for many blockchain use cases (along with the documentation) to easily start your business.

Cross-border money transfer app

The world has evolved very fast. Technology has grown many times.

However, the problems associated with money transfers between countries have not yet been fully resolved. If you tried to make an international transfer, there are still many restrictions.

But with blockchain and cryptocurrency in place, there's a nice solution to this nasty problem.

This can be one of the cases of using perfect fintech blockchains to invest in 2019. The cross-border money transfer market is huge and can hold even one hundred players per country. An idea or a fintech startup in the blockchain space is certainly an indispensable portfolio company for every venture capital fund in the world.

Start small by enabling cross-border transfer between 2 countries and refine the platform. Therefore it is possible to continue to expand in various countries and to form the necessary connections.

There are also many ready-made scripts available online (check this) to make your MVP work quickly.

Supply chain platform powered by Blockchain

Proper supply chain management is one of the most important and critical sections in most industries.

But this legacy industry has not suffered major problems in recent years. Furthermore, the industry faces many problems that need to be solved with immediate effect. Each supply chain management process requires more transparency, accountability, traceability to address the problems of the modern world.

Thanks to the intrinsic nature of the "distributed ledger" of the blockchain, the problems mentioned above can be addressed without problems.

The use of blockchain can bring a strong source to the whole process. Any error can be traced back to the source instantly and corrected effectively. A consensus framework can be put in place to measure the validity of key areas. A decentralized SCM may prove to be one of the best cases of blockchain to invest in 2019.

Blockchain based crowdfunding platform

Crowd financing has become a common phenomenon in recent years. Projects and start-ups have begun to address the public for investment rather than following the traditional VC route.

Crowdfunding helps start-ups raise funds without diluting capital and at the same time raising funds by creating pre-orders of products.

A crowdfunding platform based on decentralized cryptocurrency has many advantages over normal ones.

Working on a blockchain, you can activate an appropriate consent algorithm to find out which project is attractive to the masses. The same results can also bring a group effect to the general funding mechanism, thus helping projects achieve their funding goals faster.

An encryption-based payment system can also become a good revenue channel for launching and distributing your tokens.

Decentralized crowd funding will be one of the high ROI blockchain cases to invest in 2019.

Decentralized e-commerce market

A decentralized multi-vendor market may be a good idea to start this season.

E-commerce has always been the treasure of the Internet and has undergone various changes. The next big change that this space requires is a decentralized model. It helps to directly connect sellers and buyers without intermediaries, and therefore the products can have a relatively low price.

This factor alone can attract a lot of people to your market. It is possible to establish a solid provenance on each of the products, so that customers can verify the origin and the path of the products they are about to buy.

It is also possible to integrate cryptocurrency as a payment mechanism, so that payments go directly from the client's portfolios to the supplier's portfolios (after the market commission). It is also possible to enter a guarantee deposit if necessary.

This may be one of the most lucrative blockchain use cases to invest in 2019, as you can also keep the default payment encryption as a token. This will help to ensure that the general public and traders make transactions using tokens, making them very popular and achieving real monetary value.

Exchange of decentralized cryptographic assets

Nothing is more profitable and shown as a decentralized exchange. T

for what reason we call it "decentralized", you can do it with much less headaches (unlike centralized exchanges). You do not need to worry about the expensive server rates, since the entire exchange is done on the client browsers once loaded. You do not have to worry about security, since encryption is exchanged directly between the customer's portfolios. Nothing is stored on your servers.

This is one of the cases of profitable blockchain use to invest in 2019.

The execution of a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is less stressful and continues to collect a transaction fee for each transaction that takes place in the exchange. Check out this script ready.

Gaming platform with blockchain

Whenever a new technology is born, the game space is the first to be interrupted (whether it is AI, VR, IoT, etc.). Similarly with blockchain in the city, the gaming industry is again ready for a change.

In fact, the gaming industry was the first to launch virtual coins even before the blockchain mania began (remember Farmville?). The interest and the size of the market for games are always increasing.

Games with decentralized blockchains will create many millionaires very soon. Managing a decentralized gaming platform has many advantages. Because decentralized gaming loads and uses the resources of each user console, you can reduce the costly recurring server commissions.

It is also possible to create revenue streams as "mining encryption" on users' computers when playing the game.

Blockchain-based games are one of the most interesting blockchain cases to invest in 2019. You can also introduce your chips into the game and reward the winners with your coins.

Decentralized video sharing platform

With the introduction of many multimedia tokens, the entire Web content is tokenised like never before. From blogs, from image sharing sites to all media portals, the concept of tokenization is gaining ground.

It's the right time to start a YouTube-like video sharing platform that runs on a blockchain. When a video-sharing platform is decentralized, recurring expenses for the infrastructure can be greatly reduced.

The entire decentralized video sharing platform can be connected to platforms like Steem. This will reward miners to lend their computing resources to store uploaded videos. Some of the data mining tokens can be used to encourage users to upload videos. In addition, you can encourage viewers of videos, so they come back more often.

Of all the blockchain use cases to invest in 2019, a decentralized video sharing portal can gain momentum soon.

Blockchain Use Case for Ride Hailing App

Why omit the on-demand space?

While traditional tour sharing platforms like UBER, Lyft, etc. They were centrally managed – guess it's time for a service powered by blockchain.

This may be one of the most innovative blockchain use cases to invest in 2019. When the maps and computing resources needed to manage a ride & ride app are decentralized, you cut the expensive rates paid to map providers and servers.

Instead you can reward the nodes that host your platform. This will activate a mining economy around your entire business.

A ride-sharing app powered by blockchain can bring a lot of transparency. In addition, the entire history of the vehicle and that of drivers etc. They can be entered in the register for easy origin. This model will help reduce crime and provide more incentives for all parties involved.

Blockchain blockade medical adhesion system

We all know a couple of cases of use of blockchain in the health sector.

One of the urgent problems faced by this sector is the problem of medical adherence. Pharmaceutical industry experts say that a big loss occurs year after year due to this problem.

Every health care company has all the ears to listen and invest in a good idea of ​​medical adhesion. In the last year, we have seen many IoT devices come to disturb various sectors. If we combine the power of the blockchain with IoT, there are certainly many interesting business ideas that can arise.

A simple idea can be to connect the smart pill boxes to the books that are distributed to monitor and notify when the drugs are not taken in time.

Decentralized file storage platform

It is expected that the decentralized nature of the blockchain will give the "server" sector a run for their money.

A decentralized platform similar to Dropbox is one of the cases of using blockchain to invest in 2019. With this business model, you can expect a large crowd of miners to be ready to host your files. For the resources they share, they will be rewarded with crypto.

You can attract many users to use your system because the commission will be much lower than any other service (since you're completely cutting server costs). Moreover, by using the intrinsic nature of the origin of the blockchain, it is possible to insert a perfect version control system for each of the files stored in the platform.

Along with industry-leading cryptography and security, a blockchain-based file storage system can become a huge success in the market. This is one of our favorite blockchain use cases on the entire list.

The previous list of Blockchain use cases are just some of the best in the biggest collection. Over time, we will soon see every other vertical business in the world jumping on the blockchain bandwagon to enjoy the benefits of a decentralized solution.

It is expected a huge adoption in the next year, when new and more interesting cases of use of blockchain will take shape.

Why use Blockchain?

Experts say the blockchain is not just a new trend or technology. They ask to see it as the new internet.

The advantages offered by this distributed register are unlimited and almost all the business categories in the world can use these advantages.

Some of the most unresolved problems in technology have a promising solution in the blockchain world. From security, effective governance, collective wisdom to responsibility, traceability, transparency, etc., the blockchain has an answer for everything. So why not?

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