Price Analysis of Ethereum (ETH) – 5 September

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Ethereum Trend Price Medium-Term:

Supply Zones: $ 400, $ 450, $ 500

Application Zones: $ 150, $ 100, $ 50

The ETH continues to vary in its medium-term perspective. The bullish momentum from the pinbar to $ 280.85 in the required area could only push the price to $ 293.04 in the supply area. The bears were back with a large bearish-wrapped candle.

The price had fallen to 269.31 in the demand area as bears' momentum was high in the range. The price is lower than the two EMAs with stochastic in the oversold region and reports the points below. It connotes a downward movement in prices that may occur within the medium term with an increase in bear momentum.

The cryptocurrency remains in the range and trades between $ 310.00 in the upper supply area and $ 260.00 in the lower demand area of ​​the range. Patience should be exercised for a breakout or a failure to occur before taking a position.

Short-term trend of the price of Ethereum:

 Ethereum, ETHUSD, Criptovalute, chart Chart of Ethereum of TradingView

ETH remains in consolidation in its short-term prospects. The bulls successfully raised the cryptocurrency price to $ 293.04 in the supply area, the day before the bears began. The price had dropped to $ 282.20 in the demand area, the lowest before the end of yesterday's trading session. [19659005] The 1-hour spark plug although bullish at $ 285.34, bear pressure remained strong pushing the price south within the segment. The price is currently down to $ 283.00 in the demand area with the stochastic oscillator in the oversold region at 17%.

ETH is still in consolidation and trades between $ 296.14 in the upper bidding area and $ 280.00 in the lower demand area of ​​the range. Operators should wait for a breakout or failure to occur before taking a position.

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