Price analysis of Ethereum (ETH) – 29 August


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Price analysis of Ethereum (ETH) – August 29

ethereum-eth-price-analysis-august-29 [19659004] The bulls still maintain control in the short term, while the medium-term outlook is bullish.

  • Patience should be exercised in interval trading.
  •   Ethereum, ETHUSD, Criptovalute, chart Ethereum Chart by TradingView [19659008] Mid-term price of the price of Ethereum:

    Supply Zones: $ 400, $ 450, $ 500

    Demand Zones : $ 150, $ 100, $ 50

    ETH continues to vary in the medium term. The strong sustained bullish pressure pushed the cryptocurrency up to $ 298.13 in the supply area yesterday. The 4-hour downtrend to $ 295.59 brought the ETH to $ 289.57 in the demand area. The refusal of further downward movement occurred when the bulls returned.

    The price is higher than the two EMAs with the stochastic oscillator in the overbought region. This implies that bullish pressure could probably continue in the medium term.

    The cryptocurrency remains in the range and trades between $ 310.00 in the upper supply area and $ 260.00 in the lower demand area of ​​the segment. Patience must be exercised in order for a breakout or failure to occur before taking a position.

    Short-term trend in the price of Ethereum: bullish

     Ethereum, ETHUSD, Criptovalute, chart Ethereum Chart by TradingView

    ETH continues its uptrend in the short-term outlook. $ 298.13 in the upper supply area was the point where the bulls pushed the cryptocurrency yesterday.

    The bearish pullback was within the 38.2 degree level, which is an area of ​​continuation of the trend, suggesting an upward movement in the short term price.

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