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Although the price analysis of EOS, Cardano, Monero, Stellar Lumens and Litecoin represents the positivity, we still have to see strong gains those at the start of last week. The news of Litecoin of the listing of Gemini coupled with the addition of Cardano (ADA) are bright spots but the first prices of Cardano must exceed 7 cents by canceling current sales.

EOS Price Analysis

Latest EOS News

  • Gambling apps dominate EOSIO blockchain, just like Cryptokitties and similar games, take place on the Ethereum platform. Unlike the latter, hackers have a reason to take advantage of these casino applications as they did last week when about $ 250,000 of EOS were subtracted from two dApps of bets. In one case, hackers exploited a weakness in the smart DEOS contract that withdrew $ 24,000 of EOS in six hours. However, it was at EOSBet where hackers became sophisticated, betting without risk after bypassing the feature token -> transfer by eliminating $ 236,000 or 44,427,4302 EOS. This is before the development team detected the anomaly and immediately deactivated the smart contract.

EOS Price Prediction

  EOS Price Analysis

Daily EOS Price Chart for Trading View

Despite the low level of consolidation, EOS is up five percent in the last week. The result is a boost to the range mode. As was the case in the last four or five weeks, EOS prices continue to stabilize in the $ 3 range between $ 4 of main support and $ 7 of resistance, a level that has been successful in capturing gains.

Although yesterday was stable, our previous EOS price analysis is valid and the long ones are valid. This is unless there is a drop below $ 4 that invalidates this recovery. After all, EOS prices are still in the process of consolidation and are moving into buy, triggering the historic lows of September 13th. This means that sellers are finding a resistance that elevates the possibilities of buyers to push prices towards the goal of the value of $ 7.

Litecoin price analysis

Last news of Litecoin

  • During the success of the Litecoin Foundation summit, the Gemini of Winklevoss Twin announced their plans to offer support for Litecoin trading pairs. Confirming this, Gemini VP of Engineering said that the SEC-regulated exchange will start running Litecoin trading pairs by October 13th. In addition, this should increase the price of Litecoin

Litecoin Price Prediction

  Litecoin Price Analysis

Daily Litecoin Price Chart of Trading View

Technically, the news on the listing of Gemini should raise prices and they are, even if on the outskirts. From our graphs, our latest analysis of Litecoin prices is not only valid, but the chances of further higher highs are high.

Note that even if prices remain anchored to the historic lows of September 13, yesterday's candle was stable. However, the longer wick indicates the presence of the buyers.

If this pace continues as it is, then we expect Litecoin bulls to push prices above $ 70, making sure that Litecoin's conservative traders are trying to buy shots at the $ threshold. 110. [19659002] Starlight price analysis

  Starlight price analysis

Chart of daily stellar lumen prices for trading view

On a weekly basis, XLM prices have increased by six percent. But considering the last 24 hesitations for further gains above September 11, our neutral position is well underway. From previous Stellar Lumens business plans, the level of 7 cents between 25 cents of closures and 18 cents as a plan for Stellar Lumens sellers is important in our XLM pricing forecasts. If nothing else, our latest XLM pricing analysis is valid. Therefore, unless there is an increase in the Stellar Lumens news market, then it may take some time to see the violation of these key limitations.

Monero price analysis

Latest news Monero

  • With a gain of 10% week on week, Monero market cap is back in the top 10. Undoubtedly, this exposes the XMR to further liquidity and control [19659005] Monero Price Prediction
      Monero Price Analysis

    Daily Monero Price Chart by Trading View

    Our Monero commercial plan pegged on how prices would react to the psychological level of $ 100. So far, it's a relief to the bulls of Monero while the markets synchronize with the general sentiment. After the 12-pin bar, starting from the psychological level of $ 100, we saw an acceleration of gains on the following trading days that triggered our long sets at the $ 110 level.

    Currently, our long negotiations are valid. Although buyers still have to recover the consequences of the September 5 settlement, it is likely that there will be a correspondence towards $ 150, a higher level of resistance. The risk-return ratio is prohibitive for conservative traders to initiate return transactions.

    Needless, buying opportunities would be available once the bulls breached the $ 150. When this happens, buyers are free to buy on shots with targets of $ 200 and $ 300.

    Cardano Price Analysis [19659003] Latest news Cardano

    • Scalability, speed, energy efficiency, ease of use and a thriving community is what the Cardano development team wants to create. They are on an innovative overdrive that introduces a duo layer system, Marlowe and even Plutus with each peer reviewed implementation phase. Although it is still in theory and in the second phase of their road map, once the entire project is online and assuming that Ethereum is still struggling with scalability issues, Cardano could receive a free pass.

    Cardano Price Prediction

      Cardano Price Analysis

    Cardano's Daily Price Chart for Trading View

    With a decline of 11 percent in the last week it means that Cardano's prices are still exchanged under the sign of 7 cents. This is cementing our previous Cardano price analysis. Unless otherwise, our Cardano sales are valid. Until the arrests of the 8th cent are hit, we could see more drops.

    Disclaimer: The opinions and opinions expressed are those of the author and are not investment advice. Trading any form involves risks, as well as your due diligence before making a commercial decision.

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