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OBXcoin, the best merchant currency, is now available on Blockfolio, a free mobile application for cryptographic portfolio management. On Blockfolio, OBXcoin holders can add additional coins or track the liquidity of their currency.

From the Blockfolio homepage, users can see the status of all their positions, the current price of each of their coins and their total portfolio value. Users also have the option to receive alerts from the application, telling them about important changes in particular currencies or other relevant news. On this page, OBXcoin holders have the ability to view summaries of their transactions at intervals of any hour from one hour to one year.

Blockfolio is an intuitive platform that transparently displays data from all the positions of a user to show the overall performance and average portfolio change. The app also contains a news section that is updated every hour, providing information from the main cryptocurrency stores like CoinDesk and Cointelegraph.

A new feature, Blockfolio Signal, allows participants to get updates directly from cryptographic teams. When people buy OBXcoin, a currency that works as a currency, unlike Bitcoin cryptocurrency alternatives, they will receive updates from the team regarding the availability of various exchanges, information on the implementation of OBXcoin and much more.

Participants can stay up-to-date on OBXcoin holdings globally when they install the Blockfolio application. To learn more about OBXcoin, visit their website. Interested parties can download OBXcoin from the App Store or Google Play.

Information on OBXcoin:

OBXcoin is a form of cryptocurrency developed and launched by Omminni, a group of similar professionals intent on creating the currency of tomorrow, today. The new currency, which has been formed as an alternative to many of the cryptocurrencies today, aims to attract consumers and traders with a wide variety of benefits that have thrilled people across the country and around the world. With the goal of becoming the currency of the future, OBXcoin provides a range of information materials to anyone interested in this new way of paying.

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