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ANSWER: Bitcoin has a very strong cycle. There have been many peaks and drops for bitcoins, especially witnesses of 2018. After the bitcoin collapsed in November 2018, we felt that the probability of bitcoin in 2019 would have seen even lower again.

The price of bitcoin in the last round peaked in December 2013 and then started to decline. In January, it fell for the first time in 13 months with the sharpest decline of almost 85%.

TRIBUNA BLOCK: Have recent cryptographic crashes affected your prospect and / or plans for 2019?

ANSWER: In the second quarter of 2018, the cryptocurrency market continued to decline and became very negative. Therefore, the financing of the Lambda project was initially assessed with US dollars and received BTC. In the same period, many projects were opened with ETH. It seems that the losses are very heavy. Although BTC has declined to a large extent from the second quarter, we are still confident about long-term Bitcoin.

There is no change in our plan. 2019 will be the most important year for the Lambda project. We expect to release the main Lambda network in the second quarter of 2019. As countries become more aware of data security and privacy, distributed storage will make great progress in the future. We will further increase our research in this field and have established in-depth cooperation with many IT experts in China. It is expected that there will be significant scientific research and technological advances in 2019.

Naturally, if the general market is not expected to be particularly good in 2019, reserves have sufficient funds to guarantee the long-term development of the Lambda project.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: what role will the stablecoins have on the market in 2019?

ANSWER: I think the stable currency will assume more and more roles in the future of the encrypted digital currency, especially in 2019.

First of all, as the cryptocurrency market continues to hit the bottom, the bubble effect is very evident. All asset prices are coming back and, in the long run, 2019 will be a great time to enter the market. The stable currency will be an important way for monetary funds to enter the digital currency field.

Thirdly, with the September 2018 decision by the New York Financial Services Agency that approved two stable currencies, GUSD and PAX, a stable currency was approved by the government for the first time. To make great progress in terms of credibility and transparency, we expect that more countries will approve the emergence of stable digital currencies in 2019. This is a huge improvement.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: which sectors – energy, e-commerce, gambling – do you think will have the greatest impact in the blockchain sector in 2019?

ANSWER: We believe that the following areas will see the greatest impact and progress:

The financial sector: digital currency is the largest application in the field of blockchain and also has its own financial attributes. In 2019, I believe that digital asset management and quantitative trade will make great progress. In 2018, a large number of traditional financial hedge fund talents entered the market for encrypted digital currencies and are actively improving various models of strategic optimization. In 2019, this field will be further evolved and updated.

Governance and data storage: in 2018, there were many large Internet platforms at home and abroad with data loss incidents, even Facebook has not been spared. Data privacy and data security are always affecting more users. It will become increasingly common for users to have their data sovereignty in the future, which will require a sufficiently powerful distributed storage infrastructure. The data identities and the distributed storage space corresponding to the data streams will be an important area of ​​interest.

Technical structures: the technical structures here refer to the public chain and various protocol levels. In the last 18 years, the best talents in the field of global computing have emerged in the field of blocks and have been proposed the performance, security and scalability of the public chain level. There have been many improvements, innovative solutions and advances in technical architecture. The proven scheme and architecture will basically begin to rebuild in 2019.

Games and games of chance: games and gambling are the areas most affected by the centralized platform. The original rules are opaque and users can not control their game resources. The worst part is that games and gambling are still the best way to bring large numbers of users to the blockchain. In the second half of 2018, we saw many games and gaming applications on the EOS platform. I believe there will be more development in this area in 2019.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: which event would you like to happen in 2019?

ANSWER: In 2019, the most anticipated event will be the bitcoin ETFs. Approval of the US SEC of Bitcoin ETF. If approved, it will be a major event in the field of cryptocurrency, which means that traditional currency funds and larger institutional funds will be able to enter the market. Furthermore we will see the following changes:

Ethereum: The update of Ethereum was initially delayed in the second half of 2018. The update of Ethereum was postponed to 2019. I hope the update of Ethereum will allow for a further application of contracts smart, not just for currency issuance.

Clearer regulatory policies: supervision plays a very important role in promoting the long-term production of the blockchain industry.

The main Lambda network: Lambda is the most solid project in the field of distributed storage. Our team first built and acquired the POST space-time test algorithm for developers. It is expected that the main Lambda network will be launched in the second quarter of 2019 to further improve the blockchain infrastructure.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: ICO died as an effective fundraiser? Why or why not?

ANSWER: I believe this form of ICO will not die. It is valuable and offers more innovation than the original financing methods. However, the ICO form will evolve. I believe there will be two main changes:

Firstly, it will fully comply with the fully applied KYC and anti-money laundering measures. The part of the project will play actively in cooperation with the regulation of national agencies.

Secondly, the extension of the project exit cycle. The previous project can come out appropriately until it is unreasonable. It takes time for the development of the project to build its ecosystem and with it the exit cycle becomes longer and more reasonable.

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