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Predictions blockchain and cryptocurrency 2019 – Vol. II

Investing, opinion, regulation December 14, 2018 br>
By: Bruce Haring

Today our series of forecasts from industry leaders continues on what could happen next year.

With almost every measure, 2018 has been a busy year for the blockchain / cryptocurrency industries. Beyond the usual issues affecting young companies in hiring, marketing, technology and financing, companies have been involved in a crisis of trust with investors, as cryptography markets have lost 80% % of their total value from the beginning of the year.

Add to that the magical source of funding caused by the reduction of initial coin offerings, the increase in government control and the absolute ban on certain activities, and the bitter battles between technology developers that have caused market rotations, and it is surprising that any company has survived such serious winds against it.

But in 2019, the survivors of this industrial winter demonstrate confidence in the underlying technology of the blockchain and in the continuing promise of cryptocurrency. They stress that institutional investors are still on the sidelines and many retail supporters are still not at stake.

Add this to the constant interest of large companies and the spirit of innovation shown by blockchains and crypto-pioneers, and the story seems much brighter than the simple numbers would suggest.

Block Tribune has asked industry thought leaders to consider what might happen next year. Now, until the end of the month, we will highlight their thoughts on what could happen in what every hope will be a happy and prosperous 2019.

Shone Anstey, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Blockchain Intelligence Group

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Where do you see Bitcoin in 2019 and why?

ANSWER: Continuous growth of the ecosystem and dissemination with retailers and others who will take over BTC. In the end this will be reflected in the price.

TRIBUNA BLOCK: Have recent cryptographic crashes affected your prospect and / or plans for 2019?

ANSWER: No. In fact, the fall in prices did not discourage activity in blockchain projects throughout the year. We see a great deal of innovation from non-cryptocurrency sectors such as identity management, distributed cloud storage, digital voting / notary and smart contracts.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: what role will the stablecoins have on the market in 2019?

ANSWER: The USDT, known as Tether, was until this year the only stable currency available in the cryptographic space. This year, at least three other stable currencies emerged, such as the twin dollar, the standard Paxos token, the USD token. We expect enhanced roles for stable coins as stepping stones for other assets that make their way into the encrypted space, linking services from both the fiat and the cryptic world

BLOCK TRIBUNE: which sectors – energy, e-commerce, gambling – do you think will have the greatest impact in the blockchain sector in 2019?

ANSWER: Finance, ID management and supply chain

BLOCK TRIBUNE: which event would you like to happen in 2019?

ANSWER: Custody solutions to be approved and meet the needs of banks to interact with Criptovaluta.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: ICO died as an effective fundraiser? Why or why not?

ANSWER: We are concerned that ICO investors had the impression that many ICOs would be closed after hearing the SEC's position that they, together with the ERC20 tokens, are all securities and should be regulated as such. However, there are two emerging factors that we believe are positive. Firstly, future ICOs will have more substance, ie a group of real people, a physical address and a real product behind the white paper.

Secondly, a new type of fund-raising mechanism has emerged in the form of a security token (STO). STOs, unlike ICOs, allow participation in company ownership rather than simple token. Coinbase and Nasdaq are adopting STO. They are more transparent and designed to meet compliance requirements, have a fund recovery feature and are compliant with KYC / AML protocols.

Thus, the fundraising methods initiated by the ICO model have evolved hand in hand with regulatory requirements. Maximalists will not be pleased with what they consider inappropriate requirements by regulators that choke the energy of the ICO sector. So even if the STO is as effective for fundraising as ICO, they will still consider it a token ready for sterile compliance.

CEO of SportsCastr Kevin April

BLOCK TRIBUNE: What role will stablecoin have in the market? 2019?

ANSWER: Since sports betting becomes legal in more states, the blockchain will play an important role in enhancing the back-end of the main properties of sports betting. This will be transparent to the end user and will be largely fueled by proprietary stablecoins.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: which sectors – energy, e-commerce, gambling – do you think will have the biggest impact in the blockchain industry in 2019?

ANSWER: Emerging markets will play an important role in the start of traditional adoption, with remote / rural populations in countries such as Africa, Nigeria, Argentina and Venezuela. In these markets, the ability of the blockchain and the crypt to remove gatekeepers by empowering undervalued / underwriters – combined with geopolitical instability and high inflation – has created the perfect storm of opportunity for blockchain-based solutions to overwhelm the banking / fiat traditional.

Sport: when it comes to sports, I predict that all the major ticket vendors will adopt blockchain technology for greater transparency in ticket counterfeiting. TicketMaster's partnership with UPGRADED was just the tip of the iceberg and the entire industry is about to change.

The Big 4 in the United States (NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL) and / or their unions will release all blockchain-based collectibles based on the idea of ​​digital scarcity. The Dodgers digital typescript was the first to be limited, expecting to witness a wave of licensing partnerships that will revitalize legacy industries, including collectible cards.

Supply chain: Blockchain-based supply chain monitoring, in particular with food products, raw materials and luxury goods, will become the standard. For example, IBM Food Trust was recently adopted by Walmart.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: which event would you like to see happen in 2019?

ANSWER: Just like AirBnB is the largest hotel chain without hotels and Uber is the largest transport company without vehicles, 2019 will see the first major banking institution that has no brick and mortar branches. Expect to see them first consolidate a point of support in the above regions, and then, as customers see that they actually offer better services and transparency than traditional banking models, they will quickly be accepted as a banking alternative. popular. Atlas.Money is a company to pay attention to.

As a result, "globalization 2.0" will begin, in which an estimated two billion unbanked will emerge as a population that can no longer be ignored and will give rise to completely new markets and truly international platforms.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: ICO died as an effective fundraiser? Why or why not?

ANSWER: In terms of ICO, the future is clear: they will be feasible only for big brands, multinational companies or well-established companies with deep pockets. The days when a group of intelligent engineers or a small team can launch a successful token offer are numbered. The resources necessary to succeed will continue to significantly increase the barrier to entry. This is similar to what we saw in the early days of microcomputers, video games and internet startups. This is both good and bad for the world of crypts. On the positive side, the caliber of the projects introduced will increase. On the negative side, it will be more difficult to break through truly innovative ideas.

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