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Post-Christmas market recovery: Polymath (POLY) ahead on Tron (TRX) and ChainLink (LINK)

After reaching $ 146 billion on the 24th, the entire market took a dip and cut $ 18 billion to drop the weekly minimum of $ 127 billion on the 25th before rebounding to the current $ 131 billion.

The modest drive north was led by Polymath, a platform that aims to be "Ethereum for security token offerings". POLY has gained 29% in the last 24 hours and currently has a value of $ 0.17, which is still 88% cheaper than its ATH. However, Polymath is one of the rare criptoassets up 3% on the 90-day chronological scale.

Is it possible to extract a bitcoin?

Among the best tokens, BitcoinCash has risen by around 12% and now has a price of $ 179 per token. As we have seen many times in the past, BCH is often the subject of sudden price pressure caused most likely by its controversial supporters Roger Ver and Jihan Wu who are using their giant currency to manipulate markets and the perception of buyers that BCH is a cod hot.

Chain activities

Business as usual when it comes to blockchain business in which EOS is in the front row in terms of the number of transactions with over 4 million recorded in their blockchain on the last day. The second is Ethereum with about 600k transactions, followed by XRP with 590k and bitcoin with 280k.

Surprisingly, one of the leaders in this category, Tron is by far the fifth place with only 150,000 transactions, 10 times less than his usual number.

Bitcoin is the undisputed leader when it comes to the number of active addresses with more than 649,000 active addresses, leaving Ethereum behind with 250,000 active addresses. Litecoin is third with 80k and the meme coin, Doge is 4th with 51k.

Factom and Waves outperformed the market over the last 90 days

Factom and Waves, in the wake of a strong fundamental appreciation in the sense of solid partnerships in the case of Factom and the main network updates for Waves, has exceeded all in the last 3 months. The Factom is 76% more valuable in the last 3 months while Waves has grown by 45%. There were only 4 more coins that are in the green in the last 3 months: the new chain of BSV, Nexo, Maker and Polymath; everything else is deep to the neck in red.

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