POSCO accelerates the creation of a secondary battery value chain … "Focusing on competence for differentiated competitiveness" Emphasis-Korea Financial News

  1. POSCO accelerates the creation of a value chain for rechargeable batteries … Jungwoo Choi emphasizes “focusing on competence for differentiated competitiveness”Korea financial news
  2. Salty lake in Argentina purchased by POSCO, lithium reserves’ 300 million electric vehicles’-JoongAng IlboJoongAng Ilbo
  3. POSCO collects the best materials for secondary batteries in the worldKorean economy
  4. POSCO “will make the best lithium secondary battery materials company in the world”Chosun Biz
  5. POSCO group will build a value chain for all secondary battery materials – Maeil EconomyDaily economy
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