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Popula Uses Ethereum Blockchain to Preserve News Forever

Journalist-owned Popula made history by storing a previously published story on the Ethereum Blockchain. Their goal is to create a solid record of the news, and blockchain is a perfect way to make it happen.

Maria Bustillos is an editor at Popula, who has been looking for ways to use blockchains. information can be changed after publication or removed from existence entirely.


Popula Uses Ethereum to Keep the Past Alive

George Orwell demonstrated how power-hungry governments could design change to remove inconvenient information from the media in his novel, '1984'. The protagonist from the novel worked in the Ministry of Information, where he was responsible for altering or destroying information that the party deemed unacceptable.

While this kind of concept may seem to be far-fetched, there are many countries that use very similar methods to control the official public narrative. In '1984' there was a 'memory hole' where old information went to die, now, blockchain may make that kind of control much harder to achieve.

Ethereum is a Flexible Platform

Blockchain was initially designed as a means of recording transactions.

Ethereum expanded that to fit other asset classes. In the moment when they were created by the Ethereum Blockchain, they could be a perfect use for the technology.

For as long as the Ethical Blockchain exists, the stories that are recorded on it will be available to anyone who knows how to look for them. They will also be immune from alteration.

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Hard to Destroy the Blockchain

State censorship in nations like China makes spreading some kinds of stories very difficult. Using blockchain to give people access to unpopular media could be one of the most important functions of blockchain, and could even spur demand for tokens.

Popula is planning to record the Ethereum Blockchain, which will require the Ethereum to use. For now, this is not likely to be a big driver for ETH demand, but if it becomes a popular way to archive news, that could change.

Keeping Creators Safe

In addition to making sure that the news stays intact once it is published, blockchain can also help to ensure that the media creators stay in control of their work.

Earlier in December, the Chinese state-owned International Finance News announced that some of the largest media producers in China founded the 'China Financial Media Copyright Protection Alliance'. The group has more than 30 members, including China Business News, Beijing Business Daily, International Finance News, Economic Information Daily, and the Daily Economic News.

The group plans to use blockchain, "to provide original authentication and copyright protection for original works, " according to media reports.

Qi Huisheng, the secretary of the former Communist Party of the China Association of Journalists "Reporters and newspapers should establish copyright awareness, solve common problems in copyright protection through technology and other means, and actively communicate with relevant technical teams to protect original copyright …"

New Horizons for Blockchain

Blockchain was born in finance, but over the last couple of years. Making sure that available is available in the original form is just one way that blockchain can help people function without centralized authority.

Popula is probably on to something, and platforms that allow you to keep your money online. New information for the blockchain for news, or record for the information in a form that is almost impossible to alter.

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