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Most appropriate applications for Blockchain technology "
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"Blockchain" is a new technology used to structure digital resources,
including digital currencies like Bitcoin. It is believed to have a
structure in which falsification is extremely difficult compared to
conventional centralized management systems. It should be
applied to a wide variety of fields.

In 2018, the author launched a survey to gather opinions about it
appropriate applications for blockchain technology. This report reviews
the results of this and other surveys.

The survey asks a series of questions, including:

  • What is the most appropriate application of blockchain technology?

  • What is the potential future for blockchain and cryptocurrency?


Bitcoin, together with cryptocurrencies, are based on an innovative technology
known as blockchain. While blockchain is a TCP / IP application
Internet technology, some economists believe it has the potential to be
as big as the Internet itself.

Although it is still in its early stages, blockchain technology is already in place
applied in different fields: identity and content management, social
and browsers, etc., beyond the cryptocurrency.

Currently, the chain of blocks has flourished in the following markets
directly or indirectly related to cryptocurrencies:

  • Portfolio and money services: these companies mainly develop software
    to archive and protect cryptocurrencies

  • Exchange and cryptocurrency: these companies that build
    trading and trading platforms for cryptocurrencies

  • Commercial services: companies that mainly develop cryptocurrency e
    blockchain solutions for merchants and sellers

  • Cryptocurrency Mining companies that create hardware and software
    help cryptocurrency mining

Here are other areas where blockchain has been applied:

  • P2P market and P2P loan: peer-to-peer market platforms
    users can exchange goods directly without an intermediary

  • Business services and currencies: companies that are mainly developed
    blockchain operating systems for various business uses

  • Social and browser: companies that primarily create secure Web browsers

  • Storage, Security & Regulatory-Storage companies that primarily store
    data with blockchain protected technology

Reasons to buy

  • This report provides essential information for one of the most
    important emerging technologies.

  • Rich in data, the relationship can help drive investments in blockchain and
    business decisions.

Main topics covered:

  1. Use blockchain. Date of publication / release, author and
    contact details. Copyright and / or license information

  2. Overview

  3. Synthesis

  4. Background and objectives

  5. Survey method

  6. Poll Results

  7. appendages

  8. Survey questionnaire.

  9. Detailed technical information on the methodology of the survey, collection
    processes, data processing and analysis techniques.

  10. Glossary of technical terms and a list of figures and graphs.

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