Pixel-by-Pixel, the new project offers a game in which crypto players can create blockchain art


A new project is preparing to be the "first smart economy of arts and games on the EOS blockchain", offering games and giving artists the opportunity to showcase their creative work and monetize their passion.

PixEOS says that the first game on its platform offers a new twist to the pixel design titles previously seen on the EOS blockchain. Offering a 1 million pixel canvas, PixEOS Paint offers a profit sharing system where players can paint pixels on each other and create a collaborative piece of art. At the end of each game, a blank canvas begins – in the meantime, the previous masterpiece is "immortalized in a blockchain gallery and becomes a precious non-fungible token that can be purchased as a collector's item, sold and traded".

According to the project white paper, the PixEOS Paint game is scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2019, announcing the beginning of the artistic platform. The team hopes to create a collective in which both established artists and newcomers can collaborate and bond in their shared passion, with a series of platforms where creators can share ideas, improve their skills and be rewarded for their work . PixEOS has already established strategic partnerships with EOSphere, Cypherglass, TokenPocket, MeetOne and BetDice.

Empowering artists

The canvas created by PixEOS users is converted into a non-fungible token that is put on sale as a piece of digital art in a specially created gallery. On a weekly basis, users will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite canvas, and the winner will go to the highest bidder in the PixEOS auction house.

This will be complemented by an "Art House" where krypton enthusiasts can ask their favorite artists on the platform to create works on their behalf. Through this service, users can commission "works of art, art prints, merchandise and fresh material on demand" from the PixEOS talent. The white paper adds: "Do you need a set of custom stickers, a logo, a gif, a banner or any other Creative Media service? You can hire one of the featured artists or creators of content and support the artist community in the world. EOS ecosystem. "

PixEOS states that it is passionate about supporting crypto-artists and has high hopes that its platform will make it easier to demonstrate the authorship of both digital and physical works – a problem that has been a sort of challenge in the online world.

In recent months, the startup has worked to create its core team and states that its executives have "over 20 years of experience in branding, activation, marketing, software development and UI / UX".

PixEOS claims to have confirmed the listing of important exchanges with the support of its community, with the adoption of its platform increasing over time. Artists will be able to convert their creations into non-fungible tokens if they wish, and the PixEOS NFT standard will be made available to the EOS ecosystem in the future.

According to the company, it has already established partnerships with portfolios, DApp stores, other EOS-based games and block makers to "implement a healthy and lasting platform" and a blockchain-based market where art rights can be bought and sold for use or collection.

Focused on the community

PixEOS states that it is using an organic marketing strategy to generate a positive buzz within its community, eliminating the bear market that is too often seen in the encrypted world these days. The project plans to distribute tokens through a series of GIF competitions and competitions – and every 100th member who joins the platform receives an award as a thank you for their support.

The platform is also proud to offer the creative brand through eight featured artists and states that the pixelated avatars they created have become viral throughout the EOS community.

Now, PixEOS is preparing to launch an art competition that believes it is the largest collaborative effort ever seen in the EOS ecosystem. This competition boasts a renowned international jury.

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