Pioneer items for Bitizen now available for purchase in TRX, including a new TRON set


After migrating to the Tron network at the start of this year, Bitizens now allows users to purchase pre-sale items using TRX coins.

Bitizen has also introduced a new TRON set available in limited quantities.

The items on sale are part of the exclusive Bitizens Pioneer set.

The possibilities are endless & # 39; With Tron

In a blog post announcing the pre-sale of the pioneering sets, Bitguild noted that the possibilities are endless on the Tron network and that they are excited to see what the transition to Tron will be, adding:

"In a sense, we are all pioneers now, trampling unexplored territories in search of fresh and exciting experiences that will bring cryptogaming to a new frontier."

Bitimet have recently migrated from Ethereum to the Tron network.

Now Bitguild is reporting Pioneer sets for its users to commemorate the event, along with a new Tron set.

Tron is committed to playing the development of dApp.

He has a gambling investment arm called Tron Arcade, a $ 100 million of funds for the development of blockchain games.

Tron Arcade has recently collaborated with Gumi Cryptos to co-invest in blockchain-based games.

Which sets will be available for purchase?

BitGuild provided details of the pre-sale purchase available sets.

The first collection is the limited edition & # 39; Tron Set & # 39; which includes sneakers, trousers, jacket and a Tron-themed beret. The set will cost 5,000 TRX.

The second set is called "Pioneer of the Wilds", which is priced at 7,000 TRX.

The explorer outfits include shipping boots, trousers, jacket and a marrow helmet.

The "Pioneer of the Skies" package is worth 20,000 TRX and comes with a flight suit theme including pilot boots, flight pants, pilot jacket and aviation goggles.

The last set is called "Pioneer of the Seas" which can be purchased for 50,000 TRX. Comes with weighted boots, diving pants, diving tops and a deep water helmet.

The Pioneer & # 39; s Compass and Cyberspace Pioneer set is already sold out. Items will never be available to buy back in the game.




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