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Loredana Groza is an active personality on social networks, the Instagram account is a testimony to this. The diva receives a lot of nice words from fans, but there are also many internet users who accuse Lori of spending too much time in beauty salons lately. The singer not only denies the presence of the scalpel in her life, but also reveals to the rogues what is the secret of youth without old age.

Loredana has over 500,000 fans on her Instagram account and her posts regularly collect thousands of likes.

With a visibly changed appearance from what I knew for example a few years ago, the singer is accused in almost every post by someone who used cosmetic surgery to look like fans at 50 (she turned 10 in June) .

The artist not only denies the existence of cosmetic surgery, but also revealed to fans what she does to stay young.

What is the secret of youth in Loredana Groza’s vision

“I have no time to waste in salons or in beauticians’ studios, as many accuse me. I have nothing against aesthetic interventions, but I have not resorted to any beauty intervention of any kind, anyone who knows me knows that it is.

It’s easy to blame yourself for having no money or to say someone has had surgery and that’s why it looks good, but no, no surgery and no beautician can help you, with all the money in the world, look good if you don’t you take care of it every day by yourself. Sport, simple food, meditation‚Ķ “, he specified Loredana Groza in an interview for VIVA !.

What Loredana Groza looks like at 50:
Photo source: the singer’s official Instagram account


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