Payout channels Tenco Bitcoin New cryptocurrency PAY Token after delayed promises

Delayed Promises TenX-launches-New-virtual-currency-After-

TenX Airdrops New virtual currency after delayed promises

The cryptographic portfolio provider TenX has announced that it will take the flight of a new ERC-20 coin called TenX Token. The new digital asset will be assigned to those holding the PAY token during the first quarter of 2019.

The new token issued by the company will also incorporate some elements of the ERC-1462 standard for security tokens that comply with local security regulations. The information was released on December 11 in a blog post.

Users who want to receive them new tokens will have to check your private key of the public address. This means that users who hold their funds in exchange platforms will not be considered during the issue.

It is important to report that individuals in the United States, China and other sanctioned countries will not be eligible.

TenX it will also require PAY token holders to follow a rigorous KYC process if they want to participate in this new airdrop.

During the last few months, TenX has received very negative comments regarding the roadmap it has. The debit card that the company was developing has been postponed for about 11 months since Wavecrest has no longer received Visa support.

Julian Hsp, the project president, was also allegedly involved in a fraudulent project known as Lyoness.

Surprisingly, the market reacted very positively to the latest news concerning the air launch. The PAYMENT price the virtual currency recorded a 43% price increase in the last days. During the last 24 hours, PAY has grown by 31%. Its market capitalization is currently $ 37 million and each currency can be purchased for $ 0.339.

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